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Find The Sun - How to find your latitude, solar noon, true south, and other calculations you need to properly point your house and solar panels to absorb the sun! 

Solar camping, including sizing a small pv system.

Electrical Load Calculation -How Much Power Does Your Renewable System Need?

PV System Sizing - Interactive tutorial


Thermal - Water    Thermal - Air    Photo - Voltaic (PV)

Solar PV FAQ's



Home Made PV Cells - http://www.angelfire.com/ak/egel/flatcell.html

Home Made Concentrating Lens - http://rehll.com/lens.html

Build Your Own Solar Water Heater

How to Build a Solar Hot Water System

Selective Surface coatings for collectors - http://www.solec.org/solkoteframe.htm

SOLKOTE HI/SORB-II is an optical coating specifically formulated for solar thermal applications. Its successful worldwide use since 1982 is based upon the following unique features:

Build Your Own Solar Air Heater - Style 1

Build Your Own Solar Air Heater - Style 2

Bill and Kathryn Kreamer
Sol-Air Company
129 Miller St.
Belfast, Maine, U.S.A. 04915

Tel   207-338-9513
Fax   208-978-7839
Email kreamer@adelphia.net
Instructions (1mg PDF)

Directory of SRCC Certified Solar Water Heater System Ratings (720kb PDF)

How to Make a Solar Power Generator for Less Than $300

Solar powered Air Conditioner

Solar Chimneys and Cooling Towers

Solar Ponds

Cooling technology with Solar source

Solar powered Web Site

LED Solar Tracker - Redrok


Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy
Sustainable Development

Solar Cooking:

Half the inhabitants of Earth cook over woodfires -- 45% of the world's wood is used as fuel. And nearly 2.4 billion people are now facing shortages of fuelwood. Meanwhile deforestation helps cause climate change, floods and soil erosion, increasing environmental degradation, and increasing poverty and hunger.

There's one simple answer to these problems, that can save millions of trees, provide clean, safe drinking water, doesn't smoke, and that costs just about nothing -- solar box cookers, made from cardboard cartons.

Cooking with Solar Energy is simple, hassle-free, nutritious, fun, and best of all, FREE! - welcome to the newest, most innovative cooking webzine in your community. Inside these pages are LOTS of PICTURES. - http://www.solarcook.com/

Physics of Solar Cooking

Solar Cooking Archive

SunSpot Maidenhead, England, UK

Solar Box Cookers

Solar Box Cookers

Solar Cooker Resources

Solar Cooker Links


Solar Pool Heating:

Acro Solar Lasers - Itís a computer guided/managed dish type mirrored parabolic solar energy collector of direct heat.  It heats Homes, Pools, Spas, Domestic Water, Green Houses, and other Industrial Applications.

Aquatherm introduces a breakthrough in Solar Technology...the Ecosun Solar Collector!