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Saturday, September 03, 2005

More fuel is coming

Administration to release up to 2 million barrels daily
WASHINGTON (AP) — Twenty-six countries in an international energy consortium will release more than 60 million barrels of crude oil and gasoline to relieve the energy crunch caused by Hurricane Katrina in the United States.

As part of that effort, the Bush administration will release 30 million barrels of crude oil from U.S. reserves.

In the mean time, interest in homegrown biofuels is at a new high. We have been getting many more inquiries on how to make biodiesel, requests for our biodiesel processor kits, veggie oil conversion kits, and our newly introduced ethanol conversion kits. ESSN magazine has new articles on making ethanol and biomethane. Drop us an email for more information.

Biodiesel advocates like Joshua Tickell and Girl Mark are helping with the relief efforts, as well as producers of kits and accessories.

Joshua says:
I am working with biodiesel suppliers in the Mid West as well as generator companies to bring a convoy of biodiesel-powered electricity generators and extra biodiesel fuel to hospitals and relief centers in Louisiana. While much of the fuel and services are being donated, the many relief centers can use as much as we can provide. For this reason, we have re-activated the Veggie Van Organization web site and its donation form. If you are compelled to help us in this effort, please donate through the web site. Donations will go toward the purchase of fuel, fuel transfer equipment, generator rentals and travel expenses. We will keep this web site up to date on our progress. We estimate the first biodiesel fuel will be hitting Louisiana within the next week.

Rick Boggan says:
OK Folks, I'm putting my money where my mouth is. I'm donating a
portion of this months revenue to the Red Cross relief effort. I
challenge you to do the same. Katrina will be a boon to biodiesel,
please help those that were devistated by the disaster.

I challenge all of the biofuel businesses here that have benefited
from high fuel prices to donate a portion of your revenue to your
favorite relief charity and to encourage your customers to do the same!

For those that have already taken such action I applaud you!

Girl Mark says:

Hi Steve,
good blog , thank you.
there's an effort to bring some 2500 pounds of clothing from the Northwest to Houston for refugees that's being coordinated by Chris Goodwin of Frybrid Conversions- and we're having trouble finding affordable shipping for it- none of the shipping companies or charities can help. I've offered to drive it from California if it can be driven down here from Seattle. Also, there are a lot of housing offers for refugees here on the West Coast and I think an effort to drive clothing to Houston could take back refugees on the trip back (surely some of them have family here in California).

Could you add a link to this page to the blog entry you just wrote?:

Green Trust is donating 10% of our PV, WVO, and Biodiesel kit sales to Katrina Relief Efforts.

Real news from inside New Orleans, the real scoop as seen from an insider. Do not pass this link by, it's a day-by-day blog from ground zero.

The city of New Orleans has been blasted by Hurricane Katrina, but the Times-Picayune has still continued to publish electronically...

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