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Saturday, November 04, 2006

[Self Reliance in Troubled Times] Al Rutan - The Methane Man: Materials available once again!

We received plans and descriptions of Al's methane digesters and the process of anaerobic digestion from Al's family. Video's are also coming soon. articles will be posted shortly at and the video's and documentation will be available on CD for a nominal fee, the proceeds going to building Al's methane digesters for off-grid communities. Woodhenge will be one of the first recipients of a Al Rutan digester. More info will be posted once the video tapes are converted to cd, and the documents scanned, ocr'd, and regenerated as PDF's.

The following articles will be published to our websites this weekend, time permitting:

  • The History of Anaerobic Digestion
  • Guidelines for the Process
  • Building a Methane Digester
  • Specifications of a Methane Digester

Additional info can be found in the back issues of ESSN Magazine, Homepower Magazine, and Alternative Sources of Energy Magazine.

Posted by Steve Spence to Self Reliance in Troubled Times at 11/04/2006 07:13:00 AM

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