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CordWood - Firewood and Masonry building technology.

Cordwood masonry is an old building technique whereby walls are constructed of short logs laid up widthwise in the wall within a special mortar matrix. The wall derives excellent insulation and thermal mass characteristics from insulation sandwiched between the inner and outer mortar joints. Cordwood houses are low in cost, use indigenous materials, and are easy and fun to build....


Paul's cordwood Papercrete walls are probably the first of its kind. Paul built a cordwood addition to his barn in 1988 and it's been holding up just fine.

Paul's mortar mix consists of portland cement, sand and paper. The paper was not made into a slurry before mixing with the cement. He just simply mixed all of the ingredients together in a wheelbarrow. The only problem with the wall (in certain areas) was that Paul put the logs too close to each other. This caused a few cracks and weakened the wall in spots. This was not a fault of the mortar, but of log placement.



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