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The / DIY Wind Turbine eBook is now available!

We live off grid, and have written these ebooks so that others can duplicate or improve upon our efforts. We walk the talk!
All eBooks include access to the discussion groups below. We also provide tech support at

Special Update! These books are now gifts to our donors. Visit "Why Donate to Green-Trust" to donate to Green-Trust, and let us know which ebook you are interested in, and we will send you the download link.

DIY Diesel to Vegetable Oil Conversion

How to convert your diesel (truck, car, boat, generator, etc.) to run on cheap and clean burning used fryer oil. Includes tips on sourcing collecting and cleaning the oil, and sourcing tested conversion components.

DIY Solar Install Guide

How to install your own solar power system. Includes tips on siting the panels, battery maintenance, and sizing a system.

Battery Care & Feeding

How to maintain and care for your battery bank for maximum life. Special wiring scenarios, de-sulphating, battery balancing, watering, and more.

DIY Propane / Methane Generator Conversion

How to Convert your gasoline generator to tri-fuel operation. Includes descriptions, pictures, discussion group, and free updates. Kits are also available.

Make your own Methane Gas

Al Rutan "The Methane Man" 3 hour instructional video. Includes supplemental files and articles and private discussion group access. Three hours of video on how to make a methane digester and produce methane gas from manure and yard waste. Run your stove, fridge, furnace, water heater, generator and more on clean burning renewable gas.

Worm Composting and Indoor Gardening

You will learn how to compost kitchen scraps using Vermiposting (Worm Composting). Many free composting, organic gardening and vermiposting references, sources, and eBooks available from the discussion group. Humanure composting is also covered.

DIY generator with battery charging

Build a battery charger with nothing more than a lawnmower engine, a car alternator, and a car battery. Details on more sophisticated system which inlude charging off-grid home, rv and boat house batteries with 3 stage charging, photovoltaic (PV) solar charging, wind and more.

More eBooks coming soon with topics covering DIY solar, wind, and biodiesel production.

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