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Engine & Fuel Technology

This page is dedicated to the engines of the past, present and future, and the fuels that did, do and will power them. No Pseudo-science, just the observation and quest for better solutions. See my new work at http://www.webconx.com/2000/enginetechnology/


Top Names:

Nicolaus Otto -  http://www.invent.org/book/booksearch.asp?query=Lenoir&maxfiles=100

Rudolf Diesel - http://www.invent.org/book/booksearch.asp?query=diesel&maxfiles=100

Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir - http://www.cnam.fr/museum/revue/ref/r16a05__a.html



internal-combustion engine




How Steam Engines Work

Home made solar powered (butane is the working fluid) steam engine powering a alternator producing electricity. http://belizeone.com/BzLibrary/trust39.html



How a Car Engine Works


How Diesel Engines Work

Rudolf Cristian Karl Diesel was born on March 18, 1885. He was born in Paris, the son of an Augsburg Craftsmen. Diesel was surrounded by poverty almost all of his life, making for a very unhappy childhood.

Diesel started his education in Paris and spent most of his time in the museum of arts and crafts. The outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War forced him to leave Paris and go to London. He later studied in Munich under the German chemist Carl Von Linde. He invented the refrigeration system used now in many electrical refrigerators. Diesel grew to become a very important engineer and inventor.

He attempted to find better ways to use steam as the working fluid in heat engines. Diesel eventually invented the internal combustion engine. He patented the engine in 1892, but did not have one fully rolling until 1897. He spent the rest of his life introducing his invention to the world. He had many problems with manufacturing, licensing and financial stability. On Sept. 29, 1913, Diesel vanished off a ship crossing the channel to England and his body was never found. Since his death the diesel engine has been very helpful in manufacturing and transportation.


diesel engine

How Rocket Engines Work



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