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Distilling Ethanol - Grain Alcohol (links)

Quick Facts...

  • The level of interest in using alcohol as a motor fuel has followed cycles of fuel shortages and/or low feed-grain prices.
  • Alcohols burn more completely, thus increasing combustion efficiency.
  • There are many disadvantages to using alcohols, particularly methyl and ethyl alcohol.
  • Advantages of mixing alcohol with gasoline are that alcohol tends to increase the octane rating and reduce carbon monoxide emissions.
  • Alcohols may corrode certain materials used in engines.


How to modify an injection system: It's Toyota-specific, but applies
to most electronic fuel injection systems.

How To Modify Your Car To Run On Alcohol Fuel: "Guidelines for
converting gasoline engines (With Specific Instructions for
Air-Cooled Volkswagens)" by Roger Lippman, April 1982 -- Five-chapter
online book:

How To Adapt Your Automobile Engine For Ethyl Alcohol Use -- Mother
Earth Alcohol Fuel Manual. Biofuels Library

More info in Mother Earth Alcohol Fuel and The Manual for the Home
and Farm Production of Alcohol Fuel in the Biofuels Library

Distilling Ethanol - The conversion of cellulose, such as sawdust, cornstalks, newspaper and other substances

Charts on Grain Usage and Exports - University of Maryland http://www.arec.umd.edu/areces/grain/graincharts.htm

FUEL ETHANOL AND FOOD SUPPLY http://www.greenfuels.org/ethafood.html

The "Original" Mike Brown





ATF, Alcohol Fuels, and the Crude Oil Windfall Profit Tax Act of 1980

The Department of the Treasury recently published regulations establishing a new category of distilled spirits plants for producers of alcohol exclusively for fuel. The Energy Tax Act of 1978 charged the Department of Treasury to encourage and promote alcohol fuel production.

In May 1979, Treasury, in conjunction with ATF, proposed legislation to Congress to facilitate alcohol fuel production. With minor changes Congress added this proposal to the Crude Oil Windfall Profit Tax Act of 1980 (Public Law 96-223). The Act grants the Secretary the authority to waive provisions of law relating to distilled spirits. The pertinent portions of the Act become effective July 1, 1980.

Dept. Of Treasury Regulations

How Much Energy Does It Take to Make a Gallon of Ethanol?

Estimating Net Energy Balance of Corn Ethanol

Makin' It on the Farm 

Alcohol Fuel is the Road to Independence

by Micki Nellis
How to make fuel alcohol.
Ebook of the classic Makin' It on the Farm: Alcohol Fuel is the Road to Independence, completely updated and expanded 3/2000. How to make fuel alcohol. Pictures and diagrams, practical how-to, test procedures, list of materials needed, glossary.

Updated and expanded electronic version  $10.

Note: I have read this book. It covers the energy content, actual recipe's, construction how to's, and references. I highly recommend you get this book!!!!! Steve Spence


US producers poured 1.7 billion gallons of ethanol into the marketplace in 1997. To make this product, grain or milo is ground into a coarse flour, mixed with water, cooked, then fermented for 48 hours. A centrifuge spins off the heavy material, which is made into a protein-rich cattle feed. The liquid goes to a distillation tower where it's distilled until it reaches 199.5-proof alcohol. One part gasoline is then added to 19 parts ethanol. This is then mixed into automotive gasoline in varying percentages. Ethanol without gasoline can be used in making alcoholic beverages, used as a fuel or as an industrial solvent.


Some, on the internet, are promoting the use of aquarium filters as a substitute for activated charcoal. For motor fuel use, there is no need for filtering, and if you are fueling a different kind of "engine", DO NOT USE AQUARIUM FILTERS!

Building a Home Distillation Apparatus, a PDF File, by Small Still Engineering, LLC.

Distillation - How it works., a PDF File, by Mike Nixon

Alcohol Fuel, Can You Make Your Own?, a PDF File, by Ray Hill (as seen in Popular Science, January 1981), contributed by Jim Gyer
Comment from an engineer (with suggested design modifications) by Mike Nixon

RELATIONSHIPS, AND SAFETY - http://www.agcom.purdue.edu/AgCom/Pubs/AE/AE-117.html

I have received my permit application titled "Application And Permit for an Alcohol Fuel Producer Under 26 U.S.C. 5181"
Applicable ATF Documents:
Distilled Spirits Plant Regulatory Initiative Proposals PART 19--DISTILLED SPIRITS PLANTS. Actual scanned Application and Instructions will be posted here soon.
Dept. Of Treasury Regulations

EcoGenics Alcohol Distillery System

Fuel and medicinal-grade alcohols are produced from commercial and residential organic wastes at a rate of approximately 500 gallons per week. The distillery has the current capacity to receive and store 3 to 5 tons of organic waste. The wastes are introduced to a 5000 gallon fermenter, the resulting alcohol is stored in a 2000 ton tank. By design, all waste products including post-fermentation mash and heat are both accounted for and integral components of the "closed-loop" system. Mash is fed to hogs whose excrement will be used for the production of the methane, while the waste heat will be piped underground to maintain the ambient temperature of the Biosphere.

Ethanol can be produced in much smaller quantities as well. A 55-gallon drum can be built into a distellery for your backyard very inexpensively. Marc developed one back in the seventies and won a $10,000 award! Interact with EcoGenics for the plan: http://www.dabney.com/ecogenics/distill.html

Clean Air Challenge - Ethanol and Renewable Fuels Links

John French - The Art of Distillation - Book I - I shall not stand here to show where the art of distillation had its origin, as being a thing not easily to be proved and, if known, yet little conducing to our ensuing discourse. But let us understand what distillation is, of which there are three principal and chief definitions or descriptions:

Home Distillation of Alcohol - Distillation is simply the collection of the alcohol that was made during fermentation. It doesn't "make" the alcohol, nor turn some of it "bad" into something that will blind you. The following pages will guide you on how to prepare the feedstock, distill it, then age & flavour it. They also cover how to make a still and where to buy them.

This is Good!  MOONSHINE MOTORFUEL Practical Fuel-Alcohol Handbook: how to make it, how to use it

Internationally, hundreds-of-thousands of automobiles are already running on simply
alcohol and water.

All these and more are the subject of a new book that will enable you to:

  • Discuss relative advantages of homemade ethanol, methanol, butanol
  • Understand production techniques of white lightning from corn, wheat, fruit,
    potatoes, wood smoke, and cornstalks.
  • Amaze your friends with your thorough grasp of both professional and
    shade-tree technology. Help them adapt their vehicle to moonshine motorfuel!


  Handmade Projects , Journey to Forever Project - Ethanol

What is Ethanol, The Benefits, Energy Balance, How Does it Work, Production, Links

Distillation - A simple distillation apparatus consists essentially of three parts: a flask equipped with a thermometer and with an outlet tube from which the vapor is emitted; a condenser that consists of two tubes of different diameters placed one within the other and so arranged that the smaller (in which the vapor is condensed) is held in a stream of coolant in the larger; and a vessel in which the condensed vapor is collected. The mixture of substances is placed in the flask and heated. Ideally, the substance with the lowest boiling point vaporizes first (see vaporization), the temperature remaining constant until that substance has completely distilled. The vapor is led into the condenser where, on being cooled, it reverts to the liquid (condenses) and runs off into a receiving vessel. The product so obtained is known as the distillate. Those substances having a higher boiling point remain in the flask and constitute the residue.

http://stillmaker.dreamhost.com/ - The pages that follow contain a step by step guide to building a relatively sophisticated still.  It is directed at anyone who may want to know more about the subject, for hobbyists, tinkers, pure water enthusiasts, survivors, and perhaps amateur wine and beer makers.


The HOOCH page - This document describes the process required for the production of beverage ethanol using reflux distillation. This document is provided for informational purposes only.

home distillation handbook with all details of how to make alcohol at home.
- The book describes how to make alcoholic spirit at home. NOTE: This is illegal in some countries, but permitted in many. Even the construction of a distillation apparatus following the drawings in the book is forbidden in some countries. The information given in the book is not intended to encourage the manufacture of alcohol! It is however, information that can be read in all democratic countries.www.Partyman.se (Highly Recommended)


Distillers Arms Home Distilling Distillation and Still design Info

Aqua Vitae - Home Distilling is one of the most enjoyable hobbies of the 21st Century.

Lindsay offers Alcohol Producing Still - In 1937 the author, a chemical engineer, put together this industrial handbook to teach others how to produce hard stuff. Chapters include whiskey, treatment of grain, rye whiskey, distillation of liquors, distillery equipment and appliances, manufacture of brandy, of apple-jack, of pear brandy, of slivowitz, of fruit brandy, of rum, of gin, of miscellaneous liquors, of cordials, blending, maturing of spirits (very important), artificial maturing of spirits (trade secrets?), clarifying liquors, water, sugar and syrup, coloring and much more.

Fuel Ethanol - Ethanol is a liquid alcohol that is manufactured by the fermentation of grains such as wheat, barley, corn, wood, and in Brazil, sugar cane. Although it has been traditionally thought of as a beverage product for use in spirits, beer and wine, ethanol is an important, viable alternative to unleaded gasoline fuel. It is is a high-octane fuel with high oxygen content (35% oxygen by weight) and when blended properly in gasoline produces a cleaner, and more complete combustion.

ALCOHOL FUEL FACT SHEET - Alcohol fuels are made from renewable resources like locally grown crops and even waste products such as waste paper or grass and tree trimmings. Methanol and Ethanol are two types of alcohol fuels used in cars. Ethanol can be produced from a variety of renewable resources, most commonly corn and sugarcane. Methanol can be made from renewable resources also, but today, methanol is primarily made from natural gas.

Department of Natural Resources, P. O. Box 44156, Baton Rouge, LA 70804-4156 - When this report was begun in 1986 it was intended to be a review of the first years' experience (1985) with the ethanol tax exemption in Louisiana. When it became apparent to the author in April 1986 that the gasohol law would be profoundly changed by the 1986 Legislature the report was set aside and has been extensively revised since October 1986. Last September the gasohol tax exemption ended and the new gasohol direct subsidy began. The report has been updated to reflect how the Agricultural Industry Board which administers the subsidy, has interpreted the 1986 legislation. The wide variations in alcohol selling prices before and after October 1986 are correct for the year for which they are stated. Much of the analysis of the 1985 data was retained in the report because only one crop was consumed in Louisiana for fuel alcohol production that year, thereby greatly simplifying the cause and effect relationship between the fuel alcohol tax incentive and its impact on agriculture. This information was then supplemented with the developments of 1986.

MOONSHINE SUPPLIES - Many of the enquires I have had are concerning the distillation of washes which have been made from fruit, grain or vegetable based wines. This is quite different to the approach we take, which is to make a wash from sugar and water which when distilled out has as little impurities, taste, or smell as possible. This neutral spirit is then flavoured with an essence to produce Whiskey, Gin, Brandy etc. etc. We have several high performance yeast/nutrients available, our most popular are Hyper Yeast and Alcotec Turbo 8. Hyper Yeast is an excellent yeast/nutrient mix which when mixed with sugar and water will ferment out into wash of 15 to 18% alcohol by volume in as little as 5 days. The second type is a Molasses based product which will will take 2 weeks. The problem with distilling fruit, vegetable or grain based mashes is cleaning them up to a level that allows you to drink the spirit.
The process of distilling is as follows:

stillife.com, the on-line distilling store - Welcome to stillife.com, the on line distilling store! Stillife Publishing serves the distillation and whiskey making needs of novice and expert home distillers all over the world. If you wish to learn how to distill any spirit, then you're in the right place!

We provide a range of services, from How-To manuals and tutorials to fully assembled distillation components ready for use right from the package. Come on in and find out how easy it is to safely distill your own spirits at home!

Even though Y2K was a bust, it has raised awareness as to our preparedness for ANY emergency whether caused by civil uprising, natural disaster or otherwise. Due to the continued overwhelming interest of our visitors in securing a reliable source of drinking water and Ethanol as FUEL, we have added an FAQ page for your insight, please have a look!


SO YOU ARE INTERESTED IN DISTILLING - Rather than going through the history of distillation, I will start off with a few definitions you will need to know to understand the process. And in addition at this time I would like to state that while distillation in some countries may be legal, it may be illegal in your own. Please keep in mind, this is still under construction, so references made to images or other may not yet be available. Keep checking back. Thank you.

MOONSHINE BIBLE - Everything you need to know about making stills, distillation, home made spirits, alcohol 270 pages.

Prohibition. Moonshine. Bootlegging - Makin' good moonshine is quite an art. It takes lots of time and practice before one can whip up a good batch that sells. Throughout history, there have been many ways of making moonshine. Some folks would add a special ingredient or perform a certain method during the distilling period to make their moonshine taste distinct. Check out this basic recipe for moonshine:

ENJOY ILLICIT DISTILLING - In most areas of the world it is illegal to "Sell Moonshine". However it is not immoral to make it. It may even be legal to make it for home consumption. Therein lies the excitment of Illicit Distilling.

Distilled Beverages - Medieval - Medieval distilled beverages. Distilling.

THE VIEW FROM HERE. - The whole idea of legally making alcohol makes sense to me, but what about our brothers and sisters on the other side of the law - Moonshiners. Why must they be forced to break the law to do what homebrewers take for granted? What's wrong with making moonshine for personal use, like homebrewers do? (Author's note: feel free to start singing or humming 'Rocky Top' as you finish reading this article.)

C o d e I m p o r t s - Manufacturers and distributors of products for industry and home distillation.

Distillery / Fuel Ethanol-Related Organizations and Web Resources Distilleries and Fuel Ethanol Plants Worldwide

The Online Distillery Network - This site embraces distilleries producing alcohol ("ethyl alcohol" or "ethanol") for beverage, fuel and industrial uses. It provides links to the home pages of distilleries and fuel-ethanol plants located in various countries around the world, and to related organizations and other services, including distillery auctions and a used-equipment mart. We would be pleased to hear from you, if you have any suggestions for information which may be added to this website, or if you know of any distillery, fuel-ethanol plant or suppliers webpages which are not listed here. (There is no charge for the links.)

Alcohol Fun Facts - Overview: Interesting and historical facts about beer, wine and distilled spirits or liquor are presented.

Distillation and Petroleum Refining Technology Welcome to Andrew Sloley's distillation and petroleum refining homepage. From here you can explore the site's industrial distillation and refining technology resources as well as links to related sites. The site is simple, clean, and has few large graphics files to allow for rapid navigation to information you (the visitor) might find useful.

Distillation, an introduction a process in which a liquid or vapour mixture of two or more substances is separated into its component fractions of desired purity, by the application and removal of heat.

Making Your Own Fuel Making fuel isn't just for the big oil companies. You CAN make your own! Hydrogen gas, Alcohol and Methane gas can be made at home for fun and profit. Well... its not very much fun and there isn't much profit in it, but it can be done.

Alt.Alcohol FAQ The Newsgroup and it's customs

Thickos Guide To Distilling Alcohol Basically the aims of this site are to:

  • Provide free, easily understood information about the home distillation of alcohol.

  • Provide links to other sites where good quality information can be found.

Wineries Offer Boos to NY Laws

by Declan McCullagh

3:00 a.m. 5.Feb.2000 PST
WASHINGTON -- Beer and wine distributors in New York state have long enjoyed a pleasantly profitable monopoly: Anyone who bypasses them goes to jail.

Advertising or shipping alcohol to Empire State residents without going through a liquor wholesaler is a crime, thanks to those businesses' political clout and impenitent bluenoses in the Albany legislature.


The X86 Still

The basics of distillation are simple, you heat alcoholic fluid until the alcohol starts to evaporate, then you cool it so it condenses elsewhere into pure alcohol. To put it simply, the key components are a heating device and a cooling device. Now the average PC, has both a heating device (The processor) and a cooling device (The fan). The question we asked was "By separating the processor from its fan and adding a few small components, could we convince an ordinary PC to distil alcohol?" http://www.exaflop.org/docs/x86still/


Engine Conversion Info:

http://www.pro-system.com/switch.htm Pro-Systems will professionally convert your Holley Dominator, 4150 series or HP series gasoline carburetor to alcohol.

http://www.billsroom.com/pcfs/enginemods.htm Seriously we have extensive experience in the conversion of engines from gas to alcohol fuel.

http://www.iesvic.uvic.ca/Esystemics/ATFs.htm In addition to natural gas, other ATFs have gained popularity in the last few years. According to the definitions given by EPACT, ATFs are essentially fuels with "[the] ...potential ability to both improve the environment and reduce the U.S. dependence on imported petroleum.". 



Build Your Own Fuel Cell - Free Hydrogen Articles

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