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If you like to work with metal, this is the WEB site you've been looking for.
Free WEB Plans

The plans contained herein are available free from a multitude of WEB sites throughout the Internet.  The advantage to this site is that you can probably find exactly what you're looking for without searching for hours.  I've already done that.

In order to continue offering plans, we need your help.  If you choose to, click the
button.  That will bring you to the PayPal section.  If you donate $1, PayPal gets 32¢, the remaining 68¢ will be divided equally amount the three of us who maintain this site.  That's a whopping 22.6¢ for each $1 donation.  I can't speak for the others but I'm not going to spend mine right away.  I'll wait a week or two and then I'll buy a whole state like Rhode Island or maybe a even a small country like Iran.

The actual donation amount is blank.  Let your conscience be your guide.

If you'd rather not contribute, click the
 button and you'll be able to download the plans just like the nice people do.  If you'd prefer to go to a site where they don't ask for donations and have the same plans organized even better than here, go to vintageprojects.com.  It's a very well set up site.

Once you decide whether you're a nice person or a cheapskate and click the appropriate button, you'll be brought to the Free Plans main index where all the available plans are categorized.  Choose the category of your choice and you'll be brought to the category index.

To download, first select the plan title you want, wait for the .pdf to load and then click the "Save a Copy" radio button
Submittals to the FREE PLANS section are gratefully accepted.  Plans with a valid copyright will not be published without the copyright holder's approval.  If what you submit is your original creation, the act of submittal shall be considered approval to publish.  Your name will appear on the document as the originator.  Do not submit your original plans if you do not want your name published.  If you are submitting public domain documents, please provide the author's name and copyright date.

Any work created on or after January 1, 1978 is automatically copyrighted to the individual who created the work. This copyright is secure and registration is optional.  Before January 1, 1978 the work had to be registered and then was protected by copyright for a term of 28 years from the date of registration. In the 28th year, the copyright holder had the option to renew the copyright. If not renewed, the work became public domain. This meant that anyone could copy, print or publish the work for private or business use. Although, they could not claim authorship or secure a copyright in their own name.  On January 1, 1964 and up until January 1, 1978 a new law made the copyright renewal automatic for a term of 75 years. No longer did you have to renew the copyright.

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