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Home Workshop
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Home Workshop
6" Turret Lathe

This was a Popular Mechanics project that required castings but it can be made using hot rolled steel flats.  Excellent set of plans and drawings.  This  project is very well done.

It's not too late to DOUGH-NATE!

Lathe Trailstock Adapter
An interesting way to cut a taper.
Air Compressor

Although it's a very small compressor, it's an intriguing configuration.  The designer says it will pump up a 6 cu-ft tank to 25 psi in 25 minutes.  This is a good high school science project or aquarium air supply.
Mini Bending Brake
Excellent drawings although only a brief discussion, this project could easily be scaled up.
Compressed Air Reserve Tank If you're going to build the compressor above, you'll need a reserve tank or this project can be a carry-along supply of compressed air?  This project shows you how to modify one of those gas grill propane tanks. Bolt Together Lathe

This was submitted to me by Andrés Gonzales.  It's a truly amazing lathe design.  Made mostly from pipe, fittings and angle bar it has a 4½" swing and 10" between centers.
Curing Oven
If you have been looking for an oven design to cure powder paint, this is it.  This oven was designed long before anyone ever thought of powder coating metal.  It was originally intended for heat treating.
Mini Tube Bender
Learn the principals of stretch and pull tube bending and then scale up this project to bend your roll bars or go-kart frame.
Drill Press Speed Reducer
This a jackshaft that attaches to the side of a drill press.  Depending on how the step pulley is belted, the final drive speed can be quite low.
3-Jaw Chuck Offset Taper Attachment
An offset taper attachment for the other end of the lathe.
Electro-Chemical Engraving Stylus
It's a 12VDC electric pencil for marking on metal but it looks like it can be scaled up to be a passivator for stainless steel.
Saw Table
Two ways to extend the capacity of your raqdial saw or similar tool.
Grit Blaster
Syphon type grit blaster, everything is home made except the hoses.
Single Post Adjustable Work Support A companion project perhaps to the saw table above.  Good, soild designed work support.
Hardening of Steel
A brief but informative discussion of the art of hardening steel.
Smelting Furnace
This project should make  you really popular with the neighbors and your local EPA.
3-1/2" Swing Lathe
A very simple and straightforward lathe.  Exteremly well detailed project.  One that could possibly be scaled up.
Tailstock Attachment
You can turn 3" IPS with this simple attachment
Lathe Theory
Not a set of drawings for construction by more of a pictorial discussion of lathe design.  A good engineer could design his own lathe from this.
Simple Tube Bender
Don't let the title fool you.  This is an excellent explanation of the principal of tube bending and the drawings are very detailed.
Lathe Attachments
This project shows some great concepts of lathe attachments.
Precision Tube Bender
Very well drawn 3-D drawings and an excellent description, this is a well done project.
Spindle Tachometer
A positively brilliant idea.  There are no moving parts or electronics involved.  This device works on the frequency of florescent shop lamps.  You can find other versions of the same theme here and here.
Spherical  Cutting Tool for a Lathe This project is very well detailed with lots of great photographs and drawings.  It's a device that makes cutting spherical radii on your lathe a piece of cake. 
Center Punch Sharpening Jig This fixture holds your center punch to provide for a perfect point every time you sharpen it.
Lathe Spindle Design

Quite well detailed lathe spindle.  Three pages and fully dimensioned.
Mill Fly Cutter Made from ¼" hex stock and 5/8" bar, this is a very simple but useful mill tool.
Lathe Boring Bar This lathe tool post boring bar is from Model Engineer, October, 1951.  It's ¾" diameter by 9" long.
Welding Table For about $50 you can built this spacious table with casters and a bracket to hold your torch.  This project is from the Lincoln Welders WEB page with spelling and grammar corrected. Shaper Excellent drawings and explanation of how to make a small shaper.
Boring Bar Hints

Boring bar fundamental instructions.
Making V-Belt Pulleys

Fully detailed tooling drawings and procedural instructions.  Two pages.
Key Cutter

Nope, it's not a house key cutter.  It's an internal machine key cutter made from square stock.  It's intended for locking in a lathe chuck but I can see how some adaptation will allow for it to be used in a drill press. Compressed Air Filter

Most any air compressor delivers a small amount of oil and sediment to the air lines.  This eventually winds up in your air tool or paint gun.  A good filter is heavy money.  This single page discussion shows how to make a filter using ordinary steel wool and a piece of thick wall tube for not much cost at all.
Chop Saw

Why buy a chop saw when you can make one from stuff lying around?  The abrasive disc mounts directly to the shaft of a furnace blower motor.  Two pages with good drawings.
Heavy Duty Cut-Off Saw

If the chop saw isn't big enough for your needs, take a look at this baby.  It's a real heavy duty unit with a 1.0 HP motor.  Four pages.
Fitting a Lathe Chuck

Expert, step by step  instructions for fitting a new chuck to your lathe.
Power Hacksaw #1

This one is made from a washing machine.  Four pages show how to make this without spending any money except for fasteners.
Milling Practice & Procedure

As the title implys, this is a five page primer on milling machine operation Power Hacksaw #2

Similar to #1, this one is a little beefier and more difficult to make.  Six pages of photos, drawings and instructions.
Radial Arm Saw Table

Although this is a wood working project, I needed a saw table so I looked at this one.  It's so well done I've included it. Wood Turning Lathe

6" swing and made from auto engine parts, this is a really good concept.
Future Project

Future Project

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