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The plans contained herein were collected from FREE PLANS WEB sites throughout the Interment.  To download, click the plan title, wait for the .pdf to load and then click the
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3-Wheel Dump Truck
This project looks a bit like the one you see on the TV advertisements where the fellow says "oak" funny except you can ride on this one.  Maybe this is where they got the idea.  These plans are well thought out and expertly documented.

Medium Sized Farm Tractor
From 1939, this project is still relevant today.  Ten pages of drawings and text show how to make a credible, if not very pretty, medium sized farm tractor from nothing but salvaged car parts and scrap steel.  This is not an afternoon's project.
Lawn Tractor
The scantily clad model only detracts one's attention momentarily form this little beast (the tractor, not the model).  Although the plans call for only 2-1/2 HP, the frame looks sturdy enough for a larger motor.  It would be great for mowing if your lawn is an acre or less.  Six pages of drawings and text but Miss Wickednicelegs is only on page one.  More's the pity.
Three-Wheel Tractor
This 3-wheeler is so tiny it makes Yogi Berra look like King Kong.  Well, maybe that's not Yogi riding it.  Angle bar construction make it quite easy and inexpensive to build.  Remember, "You can observe a lot by just watching."
10/12-HP Lawn & Garden Tractor
This sweet looking 10 to 12-HP is a tall and tough, heavy-duty unit.  Eleven pages of excellent drawings and photos.  It's made from steel angle, pipe and salvaged auto parts.  It even has hydraulic brakes.
Farmall Cub Type 8-HP Tractor
About the size and shape of a Farmall Cub, the 8 or so horse power engine is coupled to a car transmission so there's plenty of torque.  I'd probably consider replacing the wooden 2X3 frame rails with structural steel tubing but in 1947, there was no such thing.  The differential looks suspiciously like the 9" Ford on my son's stock car.
450# X 8-HP Tricycle Tractor
At only 450#, you wouldn't expect too much from this tricycle type tractor but an 8-HP motor, clever use of steel angle and lots of junkyard parts make this a pretty good little tractor.  It even has individual rear brakes.

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