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Why buy sustainability products from Green Trust? We live what we preach! We have lived off grid, designed our own off grid power system, raised our own food, and practice many other steps to become more self sufficient, more independent. We use these products and technologies in our own personal journey. We support you, before and after the sale, in your own quest. See "About Us" for more details!

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Free LED Flashlight with every order, including our $10 ebook packages

Free Worm Composting Video.

We hit 10,000 members on our Facebook Off grid group, so I wanted to thank you all with a Worm Composting Video. I apologize for the poor volume levels (new version being worked on),
but turn it up loud, and the video will walk you through the steps of making your own worm composter. Get our Worm Composter Video (beta) Here!

I'll change this file out for others periodically, so check back often!
DIY Berkey Water Filter

Build a DIY Berkey / British Berkefeld type water filter. You provide two plastic buckets (4-6 gallon preferred), we include two high quality silver/ceramic/carbon water purifier elements and a faucet. Now includes "DIY Water Systems eBook Package" - (eBook package delivered electronically)

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Twin Pack Element

DIY Rain Barrel Kit

Everything you need to connect your rain gutter down downspout to a plastic drum (55 gallon recommended).
2x3 and 3x4 Rectangular Downspout Rain Barrel Kits Include:
Diverter Dam (Flexi-Fit Diverter), Winter Cover, Threaded Seal (2), Drain Assembly, Spigot - Shut Off, Hose Seal (2), 3pc Hole Saw Set, Fill Hose, Screws, Instructions, Do Not Drink Sticker (Can be used as drinking water with the above DIY Berkey Water Purifier).
Includes our $10 DIY Water Systems eBook package (download link emailed at time of order). $60 - Free Delivery

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BioPod Plus BSFL Composter

While many compost bins can take 6-12 months to break down their contents into usable humus, the BioPodTM Plus eliminates most of your food scraps in as little as 1-2 days using a naturally occurring, beneficial organism traditionally found in many compost and worm bins. The BioPodô Plus optimizes the instinctual abilities of this species, rapidly creating a live feed (for fish, chickens, and herptiles (reptiles and amphibians)) more valuable than ordinary compost.

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BioPod Plus BSFL Composter $170 - Free Shipping (lower 48 states)

BSF Larvae Starter Colony $65 - Free Shipping (lower 48 states)


DIY Micro Hydro Power

Learn how to provide a reliable 24 hour power source from the fall of water through a turbine. If you have a good water source site with at least 10' of elevation, you may be able to take advantage of a never ending source of energy. The sun only shines on solar panels for a few hours each day, the wind only blows intermittently, but hydro can run 24 hours a day, requiring a smaller generator to produce a lot of energy.$10 - eBook (electronic delivery)
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Solar Powered Weather Station / HVAC Controller Instructional

We have built a Arduino powered temperature humidity module, and are adding barometric pressure, time/date functions, and relays for furnace and A/C control. We are including our build instructions, and numerous free Arduino instructionals and datasheets for various sensors. $10 - eBook (electronic delivery)
I work for a HVAC remanufacturer, and get to see the internal workings and failings of existing commercial equipment. I always ask the question, "How could I improve this?".

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New DIY Solar plans - 2015 update (Includes DIY plans for solar & wind power monitor)
NEW ADDITION, Solar Design Spreadsheet. Includes RV/ Camper Mobile Solar Guide, Battery Isolator guide and 3 case studies of our installations done in NY, SC, and the Caribbean island of Anguilla. Examples of 12v, 24v, and 48 volt systems. Includes instructions on panel siting and aiming, battery care, loads and design, and much more. $10 - eBook (electronic delivery).

Visit for discussion of DIY solar installation and use.

DIY Veggie Conversion plans
Learn how to convert diesels to run on waste vegetable oil, and how to collect and filter vegetable oil. Also includes info on biodiesel $10 - eBook (electronic delivery).

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DIY Water Systems

Now including documents on constructed wetlands
Learn how to capture rain water, filter it for drinking and cooking, use it for irrigation and laundry. Learn how to build your own filtration systems, and how to build water saving irrigation systems. Learn how to heat water with the sun! Now including constructed wetland documents for cleaning wastewater and making critter habitats. This is our master list of files on how to save, capture, use, and recycle rain water. Includes files on making and using compost toilets, self watering planters, worm composting and more. Much of this comes from personal experience, not just repackaging others ideas!$10 - eBook (electronic delivery)

Al Rutan
Methane Digester Video and eBooks- $10 - eBook (electronic delivery). A 3 hour video by Al Rutan, the Methane Man, along with a series of articles and associated files (New videos added including the ARTI food digester). Learn how to make, store, and use your own renewable propane/natural gas substitute.

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Geodesic Quonset
Geodesic Quonset Plans- $10 (Electronic Download). The first (and only?) example of a linear geodesic structure. Very strong, light weight, and inexpensive structure, ideal for garages, workshops, greenhouses, even homes. Can take a very heavy snow load, and extremely resistant to wind.

Can be used to connect Geodesic dome structures, or freestanding on it's own. (Free preview)

Axial Flux Turbine
Axial Flux Alternator and Wind Turbine Plans - $10 (Electronic Download). Learn how to build the Green Trust / Woodhenge Axial Flux Alternator and Wind Turbine as seen on Invention Nation. Complete step by step plans for building the alternators (for wind, hydro, and engine powered), and the wind turbine.

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Want to build your own battery charger with a lawn mower engine and an alternator? This makes a cheap and versatile portable power pack as well. Charge your batteries when your solar isn't producing. We include info on how to run any lawn mower engine on propane or natural gas (including biomethane). Learn how to setup a quick and inexpensive Solar Electric system.

This package includes:
DIY Battery Charger ebook
Alternative Fuel Conversion book
Cabin / RV / Boat Solar Setup ebook
$10, delivered, lower 48 states.

More info can be found at 12vdc Power.

Want a website that let's you communicate with the world, and brings in cash? We can build you a site so you can blog about what is important to you, make money selling ads and affiliate products, and put that money in a debit account with a Mastercard to spend it. We set up a form so people can sign up to your mailing list and receive mailings from you on new products, news, or whatever is important to you. You get customized email accounts with your domain name. Freedom of the press belongs to those who own one.$60 for the first year of hosting is included with the $125 setup fee.

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