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Solar powered Web Site (PV) - Photovoltaic panels to keep renewable website running.. 

The latest project / brain storm (brainfart?) here at WebConX, is to completely power our website from the sun. A fine idea, considering our promotion of renewable technologies. Kinda putting our foot where our mouth is <grin>. This will be an ongoing project, based on time and materials donated by Friends and Associates in the business.

st5 module Starting off, We have a ST-5 PV panel, donated by Go Solar Company. Complete spec's on this 5 watt panel can be found at Of course, it will be necessary to obtain a few more of these units in order to keep things running.

Next on the list is a series of NiMH batteries, stripped out of surplus cell phone packs. We purchased these from All Electronics . Cat # NMH-53, 4 1.2v 850mAh cells, $2.00 4.8V 850MA NMH BATTERY PACK
We purchased 10 packs, for $22 (S&H included) and assembled them into a 12v 3.4 Ah Pack. More units will be on order soon.

VAH35 Thee Bank Volts/Amps/Amp-Hour 		Monitor Next on the project list is a Cruzpro Battery Monitor. The VAH-30 is a good choice because of the serial output for data logging. I'd like to put the energy statistics on the web.

The Cable Modem uses a wall wart, with a 16vdc output. We will see how 12vdc operation affects it.

Currently, this web site runs on a Compaq Deskpro P2-400, which may be converted to run on DC. Green PC's makes a conversion kit. Alternatively, to reduce power requirements, I'm open to a donation of a fast laptop. Compaq, are you listening?

Eventually, there will be a full weather monitoring system hooked up with all data being displayed here as well.

Lighting will be provided by LED Lightsticks from EStar Lighting Inc. The Nova Series 2112 is on tap.

Pictures and communications with various participants will be posted here as the project commences. I hope you will enjoy reading about it as much as I am enjoying implementing it.

Steve Spence <>

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