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Generator Auto Transfer Switch Coming!

The folks at Back Woods Solar are sending us a Automatic Transfer Switch for the VeggieGen. It switches two 50 amp/240 vac hots, and a 70 amp neutral, with a time delay to allow the generator time to settle it’s rpm’s after startup. Just the ticket for our installation. It costs $126 delivered, so give them a call today at (208) 263-4290, and ask for Model # LPT 50BRD. Make sure you mention you saw it at Green Trust.


VeggieGen running on Veggie!

Tonight we fired up on 50/50 kerosene and Waste Vegetable Oil (V50). The Detroit Diesel loves the mix, and is purring like a kitten. Tomorrow we install the heat exchanger for 100% WVO (V100) power. Diagrams and construction notes of the veggie oil filtration system will be coming shortly. Read more on our Wiki Pages.


The VeggieGen’s Automatic Transfer Switch

It would be convenient for us to have an automatic transfer switch, so that when the VeggieGen is started, our system automatically switches from battery/inverter power, to generator power. When the generator shuts down, we go back to inverter power, without any hiccups. However, the Gen takes a few moments for the rpm’s to settle down, and the frequency to get in spec.

We have developed an inexpensive automatic transfer switch that senses power coming from the generator, waits 60 seconds, then disconnects the inverter and connects the generator in less than 40 ms. A block diagram is below, and a parts list, parts, and finished units will be available.


The VeggieGen is powered up!

The VeggieGen is running, and we are enjoying the increased power we have available. No more dimming lights when the well pump comes on, or the drop in water pressure as the pump tries to spin up. No more computer rebooting when the washer or dryer are started. Initially we are running on diesel, until the veggie conversion kit is finished, hopefully by weeks end. On a side note, can anyone identify the power connector on this generator?


The passing of Sadie Spence

Sadie Spence, 2

Family Protector and Pet, Sadie Spence, 2, died Sept. 21, 2004, in front of her home in Winthrop, NY.

A service and burial was held at 10pm, at the site of the accident.

Sadie (half Chow/half German Shepherd) came to the Spence family 3 months ago from a family that could not keep her any longer, and was accepted and loved by all, except the cats. She kept the racoons out of the veggie oil and chased away all animal intruders. She was in the process of performing such duty when the accident occured.

The driver of the truck never saw her until after the hit, only the critter she was chasing.

She enjoyed runs, roughhousing, fetch, and playing with the cats.

She was loyal, and friendly, and never failed to let us know someone was trespassing by barking loudly as she hid behind the house.

She will be remembered and missed.

She is survived by her family, Steve, Linda, Michelle, Steven & Matthew, and her neighborhood canine pal, Oreo.

Steve Spence was in charge of arrangements, with the driver of the truck providing lighting and the shovel.


Veggie Adventures!

Well, it’s been a busy two days. The VeggieGen is here, and the VeggieBenz is finished. Read more about both at our Wiki!


Want to support Green-Trust’s Research?

As a Renewable Energy and Sustainability Research Center, we survive on donations for purchasing products, parts, test gear, and publications, to bring you the latest info and services for free. On the right column you can find a donation button if you would like to participate in bringing this information to the world. You can also shop Amazon, with part of the proceeds going towards our funding, at our Amazon Store. We appreciate your interest and support in furthering clean energy and self sufficient living research being disseminated to all & any who want to learn.


VeggieGen and VeggieBenz

Spoke to the trucking company today. The VeggieGen is in VT, and will be delivered tomorrow. Finally! We can’t wait. Tomorrow night we start on the VeggieBenz conversion. It’s a 1980 MB Diesel Wagon being converted to run on Waste Vegetable Oil. The conversion kit is a Greasel Tankless kit. We will be adding a heat exchanger to the main tank, and installing a 3 gallon diesel tank for startup/shutdown. The full conversion process will be documented here shortly.

Tell Greasel that Green Trust sent you, or order a kit through us. Proceeds keep this non-profit alive.


Renewable Energy News | California Dairies Look to Biogas Market

Renewable Energy News | California Dairies Look to Biogas Market

Bio-methane digesters go a long way to cleaning up the air, water, and soil in and around large farm ventures. Even smaller outfits can benefit by producing energy for the farm, and soil building fertilizer for their crops.

Bio Methane Wiki


Eco Camper

Ready for some environmentally friendly, biofueled camping? Thanks to Good Sam’s Club Highways Magazine for the idea 😉