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Detroit Diesel: The quest for easier starts

Since the Detroit 2-71 does not come with a cold weather start system, we have had to depend on starter fluid for cold weather starting. This morning was particularly bad, being sub zero (That’s F), and we are out of diesel, so it was on veggie. I was looking at some glow plugs for a GM 6.2, and had a thought. There is a cover on the side of the engine that covers the intake ports on the lower cylinder walls. A couple of tapped threads in that cover plate for GM glow plugs might do the trick. At just under $10 each, it’s a cheap experiment.


Our favorite funny man, Don Knotts, gone but not forgotton.

Don Knotts may be gone from this earth, but he will be remembered in our hearts, and on screen, for generations to come. Rest in peace, Don!


Planting Tomatoes, Kid’s Overnight and More Snow

Friday after Harald B&#246ker left for home, we helped Luray Martin transplant his tomatoes, then went to Camp Mandaville for the kids overnight. My son and I were the boy’s counsellors, and had eight 6-9 year olds. Lot’s of snow tubing, hiking to the beaver dam, games, singing, and Bible Study. Temps were 4 to 7F, and we got 6″ of fresh powdery snow. The lessons were on building a foundation of stone, not sand. A good time was had by all. Pic’s are in the Photo Album. Harald just called a few minutes ago. Had a safe, uneventful trip back to Ontario, the Veggie System is working perfectly. Who says a 2006 GMC can’t run veggie …..


2006 GMC Sierra 2500HD WVO Conversion

Today we installed our custom veggie conversion in Harald B&#246ker’s 2006 GMC 2500HD. We installed our custom filter, electric fuel pump, and connected our coolant and fuel lines to the custom tank Harald had installed before he came to us. The two 3 port fuel solenoids will be here tomorrow am, and then all we have left is the wiring and line insulation. Pics are posted in our Photo Album.

Update: Thursday, Feb. 23rd. 9pm.

The conversion is finished. Took the truck out for a spin to get the air out of the cooling system. Tank and lines came up to temperature (90c), so we hit the switches. No stutter, no change in power, no indication that the fuel was now clean burning free used fryer oil, except a slight potato chip smell from the exhaust. A beautiful success. We insulated the fuel/heater hose package and the fuel filter with pipe insulation. Harald will have the tank insulated when he returns home to Ontario. More info on wvo conversions in the Fry Guys article.



Bike hundreds of miles. Meet incredible people. Participate in amazing service projects. Stay on organic farms and work to promote sustainable food growth practices. Study and work with Native American communities. Live with the land and camp under the stars.

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* Observe local economics projects and grassroots democracy struggles in places through which you travel.

* Participate in a traveling community of cyclists coming from all over North America with a variety of backgrounds but with a shared longing for a better world.

* Discover consensus decision-making and use it to make collective decisions within your community.

* Learn about nutrition, health and fitness through long-distance cycling.

Visit our website for more information and to enter to win one of our one-week tours! / 503-239-8426


2006 Duramax Veggie Conversion

We have a GMC 2500 coming this week for a veggie conversion. Today we built the heated filter for this truck. Pics can be found in the Photo Album, description of the build in our Wiki.


Bad fuel

Last night the Veggiegen started losing rpms. There was little fuel coming back on the return line, so I pulled the filter, and it was covered in rust particles. The fuel storage tank we got our fuel from yesterday has a rust problem. So I quickly made a cheap prefilter. Take a coil spring from an old vehicle, slide hose clamps over the fuel pickup line, slide a wire tie under the hose clamps and tie the line to the inside of the coil spring, slide the coil spring into a 5 micron sock filter, stick a rod through the handle, and suspend into the 55 gallon fuel drum. The coil spring keeps the sock filter from collapsing and clogging the fuel line. The rod keeps the sock filter from falling into the drum. Put a new filter cartridge in the main filter, and everything is back to normal. For more info on the VeggieGen and using vegetable oil for fuel, see “The Fry Guys“.


Cold weather, cold veggie

It was -6F when I got up this morning. We let the gen run all night to prevent startup issues this morning. Will let it run all night tonight as well. I then went to the doc to get my stitches out. The biopsy came back from the lab and it was official, no cancer. We were running low on veggie oil for the VeggieGen, so we built a fire under one of the storage tanks up at Melvin’s, heated the veggie oil to about 150F and pumped it into drums so I could get it home to the generator. Jim Dunmyer from sent me the “In-Line 71 Operators Manual” for the VeggieGen, and that arrived today, so I have some reading and some scanning to do. We also picked up a voltmeter for the VeggieGen Control Panel, and will install that tomorrow, so stay tuned.


Basic Stamp Adventures

Back in December, we ordered a Basic Stamp microcontroller. The goal is to build a smart controller for maintaining temperatures in a root cellar. We had problems with it, sent it in, and just received it back. It’s working fine now and we are back on track with our temperature monitoring and fan control project. Follow along with our projects and those of others at our Basic Stamp club page,


Our Candle Heater Arrived

USPS arrived today with a 4+ lb package. With great anticipation we opened the box, and there it was. Our candle heater. It took about 4 minutes to assemble, which entails looping the 2 chains through the frame, single wrapped around each other between the posts, and our candle was lit and filling the room with aroma, light, and some heat. We supplied the candle, everything else was included. Though not meant to be a single heat source, it definitely spreads more heat than with the candle alone. More photo’s can be found in our Photo Album, and the creator’s website at

Update: Do not use a candle without a jar. The increased heat turns the whole thing into a puddle. The instructions call for a candle in a jar, and should be followed.


The Kandle Heeter(tm) Candle Holder is an attractive Ceramic Radiator suspended above a Candle Flame on a solid steel frame. And it really works! The Steel and Ceramic Radiator collects and concentrates the Heat from the Candle Flame, becomes Hot (but not burning), and Gently Radiates the Heat from the Candle into your Room. More information and photographs are available at and you can Buy It On Ebay! $24.95

Invented and Manufactured in Fortuna, California by Doyle Doss from Solid Steel and Ceramic components the Kandle Heeter(tm) Candle Holder is just over 9 inches tall and just under 7 inches wide and deep. It weighs over four pounds and ships in its own 200 lb test cardboard box.

The Steel and Ceramic Radiator is comprised of Three Nested Ceramic Modulators held together and separated by a Solid Steel Inner Core. The Steel Inner Core is positioned directly above the Candle and is driven to very high temperatures by the Flame. It gets Very, Very Hot!

The Nested Ceramic Modulators transfer and moderate the High Temperature of the Inner Core, one to another, until the outer Ceramic Modulator becomes a gently radiating Thermal Body that releases the Concentrated Heat from the Candle into your Home or Office. If you burn Candles, it only makes environmental and economical practical sense to Capture the Heat that is normally lost to the ceiling and use this Heat in your own environment. (A typical 4.5 oz. Jar Candle contains over 1,000 Btu’s!)

The Kandle Heeter(tm) Candle Holder makes a Real Difference in a small room or bedroom. If there is a Temporary Power Outage you will be able to create a Warm Room for your family and friends – Light and Warmth (both from the same source!) makes an Encouraging Difference while you wait for the storm to pass. If you have a Recreational Vehicle or Camping Trailer it will help you save Propane while you are enjoying the Great Outdoors.

Please visit our website ( Please distribute this information in your newspaper, magazine, blog, and to your friends. We would greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions. We are DOSS Products, we specialize in Energy and Environment Practical Invention, and we want to help you Stay Warmer This Winter For Less! Thanks.

Doyle Doss