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A Convenient Truth – A film about the world getting better

It’s not about how bad it is, it’s all about what we can do to makes things better!


Safety First!

Working with powertools makes the work go faster, and easier, but increases the possibility of injury. Whether an axe, chainsaw, or hydraulic log splitter, you need to be aware, and be safe. This was brought to Steve’s attention, painfully, when a piece of wood on the wood splitter twisted, caught his glove, and pulled it into the splitting path. He has a broken finger, an open fracture, of the distal aspect of the middle phelanges, a swollen hand, heavily bruised, and will be splinted for the next 4 weeks or so.


Well On Hold, Lets Go Roofwater Harvesting

Nathaniel has headed back to Texas, and will spend some time redeveloping his drilling apparatus, based on the rock samples he took here. In the meantime, our focus will shift to Roofwater Harvesting. We have built quite a collection of books and materials on the subject, and are confident this is a project we can handle ourselves. As are most projects at Green-Trust, this one is DIY in nature, and our goal is to provide enough information that the reader can duplicate our successes, and avoid our disappointments.

We have uploaded a free PDF document called Roofwater Harvesting at that is a very good resource. Although written for the humid tropics, our rainfall here in NY is similar in quantity and distribution.

The steps we need to take are:

  • Rebuild the damaged rain gutters and add new ones where missing.
  • Connect distribution pipes from the gutters to the filter and cistern.
  • Connect our existing 12vdc piston pump to the cistern.

Since we live in a cold climate where winter temperatures hit -40 degrees, above ground tanks are out of the question. We will be installing a 1000 gallon precast concrete tank available locally for $600 delivered into our hole.