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Busy Week at Green-Trust with Solar Projects. A Moose?

Last weekend we were at helping and filming the construction of two solar power systems with workshop attendees. Then it was off to South Colton this week helping Roger set up his off-grid system at his new Adirondack Cabin in the woods, then this weekend it’s off to VT to help Ellen build a solar water heater. You can see the project Pics at We even saw a Moose last night on our way home from South Colton.



Dear Steve,
David Blume to be interviewed on a special 3 hour Coast to Coast Radio Program
Thursday 7/15 Starting 10:00pm PT
hosted by George Noory – talk radio’s 2nd most popular commentator reaching millions of Americans nightly

(click this link to find the Coast to Coast radio station in your area

It’s finally our turn at bat! Renewable energy expert David Blume, author of the widely acclaimed new book Alcohol Can Be a Gas! ( is going to expose and dispel the propaganda and misinformation about Ethanol and renewable energy. The program promises to deliver the truth about how we can be producing clean and sustainable energy and food at fractions of the cost of toxic fossil fuels.

This is our chance to show big media that the public demands better and more in-depth information about Ethanol, the best solution available to battle climate change, famine and fuel lines.

What can you do:
Tell all your friends about the book ( and the Coast to Coast radio interview Thursday July 17, (

Tune in to Coast to Coast and don’t hold your opinion, it’s a call in program so let them know you support David with comment and questions.

The program will be archived, so if you happen to miss it Thursday night, go on-site at, listen there and copy the interview link to send on to your network

Keep alert for, attend and advise your friends and colleagues about David’s coming appearances and presentations.
American Independence Hour radio – Tues, July 15
Coast to Coast Radio with George Noory – Thurs, July 17
EORenew/SolWest Fair – July 25, 26, 27 – Canyon City OR
MidAtlantic Renewable Energy Association Conference – Kutztown PA – September 19-21
SolFest – Hopland CA – August 16 – 17
* The University of Guadalajara Mexico – August 23rd 8 hr workshop for teachers as well as conference plenary speaker
Renewable Energy Roundup Sept 13- 14 Carson City, NV.
Workshop Hopland CA Oct 5

Thank you for your support and interest in a Green and sustainable world
For more information about David, Ethanol, IIEA or Permaculture, visit


Community Outreach Program

Presented by

The Martin Family, friends &

Martins Roadside Market 1260 SH 11-B; Potsdam, N.Y.


July 19, 2008

Topics to be covered:


1.    Farm Tour w/ Organic Nutri-Farming discussion 2-5pm Call Luray at 315-268-0309

2.    Cheese Making & Hot Water Bath Canning 12-5pm Call Rachel at 315-265-0026

3.    Bee Keeping 12-2pm Call Luke at 315-265-0026

4.    Natural Herb ID & Use Nature Walk 12:45-1:45 Call Dawn at 315-244-6061
5.    Timber Framing & Passive Solar Construction 12-2pm+ Call Cherie at 315-328-5559
6.    Children’s Programs (Singing, Storytelling, Berrypicking…) Call Cherie at 315-328-5559



Please call by July 16th to Signup for your area of Interest

Workshops are flexible and you can attend more than one at the same time (kinda)

Followed by a Potluck at 5:30pm & a Singing at 7:00pm


Rain date July 26th


Does the “water-powered car” really work?

Unsurprisingly, inevitably, rising gas prices have brought increased interest in the water-powered car. Is there really a simple technology that can dramatically boost the efficiency of conventional cars or, better yet, allow you to run your car entirely on tap water?



Free Solar Install Guide

Want to get our DIY Solar install guide for free? Visit and try out our new tell-a-friend application. Tell 9 friends about our website, and we will give you our solar install guide absolutely free. So go ahead, with the price of everything including fuel rising these days, take advantage of a free offer.


CVT transmissions, for Generators?

In an ongoing process of improving our DIY Generator / Battery Charger, we are now experimenting with a continuously variable transmission (CVT). This will be used to match engine rpm with load, instead of maintaining a high engine rpm regardless of load. Go Carts, Snowmobiles, Cars, and now even bicycles are being produced with this “simple” gadget. To learn more about CVT’s visit wikipedia, and stay up to date on our progress, by picking up our DIY Gen eBook and joining the discussion group.