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Raising Rabbits to Survive – Discount deal

Our friend Tiffany was in a car accident. To raise funds to pay bills, she’s discounting her ebook on raising rabbits from $19.97 to $12.97

Get a good deal, and please help her out.

Dear Steve,

As you may have heard, my family and I were recently involved in a rather bad car accident. While we are all “okay” and were able to walk away from the accident, I am still feeling quite a bit of pain and discomfort thanks to a broken arm and 8 broken ribs. Let me tell you now, when I do something, I do it right and a bit over the top. Thankfully my husband and 18 month old daughter walked away without any scratches at all.

Our SUV was t-boned by another car traveling 90mph as we crossed an intersection. After flipping once or twice, there’s really not much left to salvage on a car. Naturally, our SUV was fully insured — but you just can’t begin to imagine how many people want to stick their hands in your pocket after an accident. Medical bills, insurance deductibles, co-pays and lawyers…if they can profit from it, they’ll show up at your door.

As you might imagine, these expenses were definitely not part of the family budget. And that’s exactly why I’m writing you today.

Normally I don’t like to run special promotions, especially since the second edition of Raising Rabbits to Survive (which was massively more robust and comprehensive than the first) was only launched in March.

I haven’t increased the price of the package since the launch of the first edition (even though I added an entirely new volume of over 800 breeders and almost doubled the size of the original version of Raising Rabbits to Survive) because I wanted everyone to continue to have access to this powerful content that will literally allow you to grow all the meat you need in your own back yard. But before the accident, we were in fact discussing the option of raising prices for the package.

But desperate times call for desperate measures. And for the next 3 days only, I will be offering the complete Raising Rabbits to Survive ebook package for only $12.97. That’s 35% off the current price. And, as always, all future editions of this ebook package are absolutely free – just like for the hundreds of people who received the second edition of this ebook packaged delivered to their email inbox absolutely free when I released the second editions.

You might wonder why I’m doing this now, when I’ll be losing out on a lot of money by offering this discount. But I need the cash now to get the bills paid so I’m willing to take a hit. Plus I really want you to be able to experience the freedom that comes with learning how to raise your own food and find out just how easy it is to raise meat rabbits.

The sale is over, but this is still a good deal at $19.95 …..
Click here to view more details

This promotion won’t last – After Thursday July 1st at 6pm Eastern Standard Time prices will return to the normal level of $19.97. As I mentioned before, I really don’t like to do promotions and this situation is special – so don’t expect this offer to come back around. After all, I most certainly don’t hope to be in another car wreck – EVER.

Have a great week!


The Oldest Continuously Operated Seed Company in America

The Oldest Continuously Operated Seed Company in America
Poised for its Third Century of Service

Today, Jere Gettle, owner of Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co., based in Mansfield, Missouri announced the addition of Comstock, Ferre & Co, the oldest continuously operated seed company in the United States, to its agriculture-related pure seed initiatives dedicated to preserving gardening traditions passed down through the generations.

Founded in 1820 by James Lockwood Belden as the Wethersfield Seed Company in Wethersfield, Connecticut,
the company was later renamed Comstock, Ferre after the new owners. This company established the region around Hartford as a premier supplier of seeds for an entire nation and was responsible for the worldwide demand for the Wethersfield Red Onion, which has become an honored icon for the Town of Wethersfield.

Located in the Historic District of Wethersfield, Comstock, Ferre is surrounded by splendid, meticulously maintained homes representing several important periods in American history. Just across the street from Comstock, the First Church of Christ stands on the site where George Washington attended church in 1781. Less than a block away, General Washington and Jean-Baptiste Rochambeau planned the final victory over the British to end the American Revolution in triumph. The Historic District boasts over 150 structures built before 1850. The town itself dates back to 1634.

In harmony with the District and the historic flavor of the seed company itself, the new owners will operate the business as if it were 1820 all over again. Employees will dress in authentic 19th century costumes. Wherever possible, the outward appearances of the modern era will be hidden to be more compatible with the 200-year-old tradition.

Jere Gettle and his family are dedicated to preserving this business by maintaining the historical buildings and their rich seed heritage, as well as the traditions that were such a part of the fabric of life in the 19th Century. The former owner and the Town of Wethersfield were concerned that the buildings not be turned into a modern development, so they were pleased that the Gettle family committed to revive this near-museum of heirloom seeds and historic agriculture. Says Jere Gettle, “We hope to develop this into an East Coast garden and farm educational center. With nearly two acres, we have plenty of room for such events. We also believe this will grow into a green- and agro- tourism destination, thus benefiting the surrounding community and its economic and environmental vitality.”

Gettle went on to say, “With Connecticut having the highest rate of decrease in farmland in the nation—losing some 7,000 acres per year to development— our historic company hopes to help reverse this trend, with the help of thousands of gardeners and farmers.”

As always, Comstock, Ferre will offer its traditional brand of heirloom garden seeds through in-store sales, and will soon offer catalogs and online ordering. The store will also offer the Baker Creek brand of heirloom seeds, which is firmly established as one of the most trusted suppliers of open-pollinated, pure and natural, non-GMO seeds. The company intends to build on that reputation in concert with the Comstock, Ferre & Co. tradition. Another goal is to investigate the feasibility of re-establishing the Wethersfield Red Onion as a major variety, as well as working with local suppliers to offer seeds, gifts, plants, natural products, handmade arts and crafts, and food items.

Comstock, Ferre, & Co. will continue into its third century of service with a renewed dedication to green, sustainable gardening, while blending harmoniously with the surrounding community.

Read the story from the front page of the Hartford Courant. (America’s Oldest Paper)


Englert Building Integrated Solar Thermal, PV and Rainwater Harvesting

The folks at Englert have a novel system that integrates a solar thermal system with their standing seam metal roofs (up to 35 year warranty), and offers a PV option. Produce your solar heated water for heating (hydronic) and domestic hot water, produce grid tied power, and harvest rain water for toilet, laundry and irrigation. Check out their system at Englert Environmental.

What we do on the roof is important because what happens below the roof is critical. More than a decade ago, we began imagining the roofing systems architects, builders and homeowners could use to face their most common environmental challenges.

Imagine a roofing system that protects your home or building, keeping it cool in summer, warm in winter and providing all the hot water and electricity you require.

Now envision a roofing system that captures 95 percent of its rainwater runoff, channels it through a debris-proof gutter system and deposits it in a rainwater harvesting tank for immediate use.

Today Englert Environmental is a leading provider of renewable energy solutions where metal roofing and gutters systems play a critical role in collecting solar energy and harvesting rainwater.

Partnering with key technology and service providers, including the foremost photovoltaic, inverter and mounting solution providers and the nation’s principal source of commercial and residential rain water harvesting systems, Englert provides world leading, best-of-breed technology, products and services.


High Tech LED Grow Lights

Growers worldwide have been using traditional HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights for decades with proven results. These powerful grow lights do have their drawbacks, such as high power consumption and heat. The average HID light consumes 1000 watts of power and creates large amounts of heat that requires additional air conditioning.

In an attempt to solve heat and power issues some people have tried to use LEDs to grow plants since LEDs use less power and run much cooler. Early LED lights have disappointed many growers due to low yields and longer growing times. The cause of these performance problems is due to poor LED quality and low powered LEDs.

In 2010 a new LED light called the Extreme Flower LED, from has rivaled HID lights in yield and exceeded traditional lights in harvest quality. These new lights are made with all USA 3w LEDs, focused optics and 11 wavelengths of light color to simulate mother nature. The Extreme Flower LEDs have been proven to grow as good as HID lights while also saving electric bills. The Extreme Flower LED requires no ballasts and eliminates the need for large air conditioning units which save thousands of watts each year for commercial growers. The Extreme Flower LED technology also lasts over 5 years (HID bulbs last 1 year) and has no mercury to dispose of like HID lights.

With these new 3w LED grow lights, indoor growers can be more efficient, save money and make their greenhouse even more green.


Calculate your solar potential

Want to know how many kWh you can generate daily for your location? Here is a simple calculator that will help determine your potential. Input your location, panel type and quantity, and check the results.


Non-Hybrid Survival Seeds Arrived

Yesterday I received my package of survival seeds from It will store for 5-10 years, and contains enough corn, peas, radish, onion, beet, tomato, spinach, cabbage, swiss chard, lettuce, carrot, pepper, squash, cucumber and beans to cover a 3/4 acre. Germination tested, Non-Hybrid, Heirloom, Non-GMO, and packaged in water tight mylar for long term storage. It’s a good value, and it ensures the food safety of your family. Great for seed saving. Comes complete with planting information and gardening tips. We recommend it!

Free Seed Saving Information –

We also recommend our ebook on harvesting and purifying rain water for drinking, cooking, and irrigation. See, and our water saving videos on laundry and composting at


Bionews from Quantum Leap Wellness


We are confident that our articles, news or products will empower you with knowledge and solutions about wellness that will deliver tangible results and benefits that you and your loved ones will feel in your life daily!

What’s happening?
Roland Thomas talks at ANMA Conference, Las Vegas – July 23-25
ATGW at NEWLIFE Expo, New York – October 15-17
Roland Thomas at A4M Conference, Las Vegas – December 9-10

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Beautiful Islands –The Three Sinking Livings

It was interesting to see the people, culture and environment of these fragile locations. Whether you believe climate change is man made or natural, it’s a good video to watch.


Beautiful Islands –The Three Sinking Livings
This movie looks at three beautiful islands, shaken by climate change: Tuvalu in the South Pacific, Venice in Italy, and Shishmaref in Alaska.

The islands all have different climates and cultures, but the people all love their native lands. The film, which took three years to shoot, focuses on their daily lives. It portrays festivals that foster ties among the people, traditional crafts which have been passed on for generations, and peaceful lives by the water. They are all disappearing by climate change.

When these people lose their homelands, their cultures and histories face “death.” Their lives in the midst of all the changes suggest where our future leads..

Director, Kana Tomoko purposely decided not to put any narration or music in this film. It is a two-hour trip around the world, listening to the sounds of waters and winds, accompanied by the children’s smiles. She wants you to sharpen your minds and feel what we are going to lose as climate change really (threatens) hits our planet.


Pure Drinking Water from Air

A couple of years ago we reported on a water from air unit we used in the Caribbean island of St. Maarten ( This was a compressor based unit, that works like a dehumidifier and extracts the humidity and purifies it for drinking. We recently came across a non compressor unit, which reduces cost, and energy consumption. We have a sample coming next month, and the technology looks exciting. It uses a hygroscopic film, with electrostatic and carbon filters. We will keep you posted.


The Green Homes of the Rich and Famous

When the R&F’s decide to go green, they do it in a big way, spending lots of green usually. Some are legitimately concerned about the environment, like our friend Darryl Hannah (, who some of you might remember our biodiesel discussions with her and Charris Ford ( few years back, and Woody Harrelson (, to the quasi green attempts of Al Gore (,2933,316806,00.html). Anyways, here a list of some others who are trying to minimize their load on the public utilities, and use the energy that God provides through nature.