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Does Skim Milk Make You Fat?

It’s hard to resist a glass of cold, creamy whole milk with a warm brownie or a piece of pie. But resist we do, because for 50 years scientists have been presenting evidence linking fats, especially saturated fats like those found in animal products, with cardiovascular disease.

Fat-phobia has become a dietary axiom.

Pediatricians’ advice to parents to switch to low-fat or skim milk has become the norm. Some school districts in Connecticut are even considering banning whole milk for small children.

Yet new studies show that drinking low-fat milk is like throwing out the baby with the bathwater – and can even lead to obesity.

A 2013 long-term University of Virginia study published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood shows that skim milk actually makes children heavier than whole milk.

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A Gourd based Hand Washer – AfriGadget

mukombeThe Mukombe is a gourd that is used to hold water for hand washing. The diagram really is self explanatory, tip to use, and refill the gourd when empty for the next person. Soap hangs from a string underneath, so as not to lose it, or get it dirty.

The mukombe holds about 2 litres of water and can provide enough water in a single filling to give about 35 hand washes.”

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Win a free Baofeng GT-3 Dual Band Ham Radio!

gt-3.1Win a free Baofeng GT-3!

Just join the forum at and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a free Baofeng GT-3 dual band HT! A new radio given away each month to a member of the pool that joined that month. Get in for May!