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Shake Lights, No Batteries! (DIY)

shakelightMany folks have seen or used a batteryless shake light. The concept is simple: A magnet slides up and down in a tube wrapped with wire, charging a capacitor, that feeds a LED.  Well, now you can build your own. You will need a cheap flashlight, a bridge rectifier, capacitor, magnet, and some wire. A few other incidentals, but with scrounged materials, you may be able to build this for less than $10


Emergency Heat When The Power Goes Out

bigbuddyOur tradition has been to share what works. We have been using our Big Buddy portable propane heater for many years (7+), in our off grid home in NY, on the road in our camper (we full timed for 2 years), and even here in SC where the heating season is very short. The Ice Storm this winter left us powerless for a week, and the Big Buddy kept us warm!

The Big Buddy takes 1 lb. propane canisters, and although they can be stored pretty much forever, they run out quickly when it’s really cold, and they are expensive. They can be refilled from a larger bottle (20 lb grill bottle), but we find it easier to just use the 20 lb grill bottle with an adapter hose.

Very effective radiant heat, and uses 4 D batteries (I use rechargeable NIMh) for the fan. This one get’s an A+ from us for longevity, ease of use, and effectiveness.

Big Buddy –

Big bottle (20/30 lb) adapter hose –

1 lb bottle refill adapter –

Qty 4 Rechargable NIMh D Cells –

NiMH Charger –