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Green Trust is a Sustainability Research Organization dedicated to teaching folks how to live in a renewable, sustainable manner. We travel internationally, teaching workshops, and have lived off-grid, developing alternatives like:

  • biofuels (methane, ethanol and biodiesel)
  • home built wind turbines (see us on the Science Channel)
  • solar pv (electric) and thermal (hot water)
  • greywater and rain water recovery and biological filtration

Over the years, we have experimented, failed (learned), experimented some more, and had successes. Our goal is to help you through the hurdles, avoiding our mistakes, so you make new ones all your own. A wise person once said, “Experience is directly proportional to the equipment ruined”. It’s a true concept, and we hope to help you avoid the expensive and life threatening experiences. Along the way, you may on occasion let out “the magic smoke”, but if you follow our advice, you can avoid much of it. We are constantly trying to become more self sufficient, more independent, and want to help you on your journey as well!

Steve Spence

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We are currently traveling, teaching workshops and visiting others doing similar things. We are available for projects and workshops.

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