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Work at Woodhenge

The weekend at Jim Juczak’s Woodhenge went well. We helped a couple learn about solar energy by building solar powered LED lighting systems. These units were made up from two 5ah 6vdc lead acid batteries, a 1.5 watt pv panel, and 4 of our 120k mcd super white LED’s. We also upgraded a 12vdc AIR 403 wind turbine to 24vdc, and made up custom battery cables. Topped it off with lots of good organic food, and in depth discussion about off-grid living experiences. We also helped Jim get his Woodhenge.Org set up, and he will be posting info there soon. Jim aquired some of our old gear, like a Cruzpro AH meter, and old AC Delco 2500 msw inverter, and will be picking up a Consul propane fridge and an AIR 303 from us soon.


Blown Inverter, A deal of a replacement!

Last night our Cobra 2kw inverter went south, leaving us in the dark. Found a flashlight, some candles, and contemplated a replacement unit. Cobra wanted $359 for a replacement, so we headed off to BJ’s Wholesale this evening. We picked up a AC Delco 2500 watt inverter for $289 after tax. Forty minutes after we came home, we had power again. The battery cables were different. The cobra accepted a straight wire insert, where the AC Delco unit has studs. No problem. Two small pieces of 1/4″ copper pipe flatted and drilled on one end, battery cables soldered into the other end. Instant connectors.