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The Off Grid DIY Wood Splitter

Growing up in a wood burning family, and having depended on wood stoves for heat and cooking myself as an adult, I’m always on the lookout for something to make the task of splitting wood safer, and easier. Some of you may remember a few years back when my glove got caught on a piece of wood, and pulled my hand into the gasoline driven hydraulic splitter. I still can’t use that finger.

When I came across this home built special, it intrigued me. The machine does most of the work, but the operator is in total control, with no fuel, no noise (except the wood cracking), and pretty low budget, both on funds, and labor. Enjoy!


Efficient Rocket Cook Stoves

The folks at Stove Team International are building healthier, more efficient cookstoves for 3rd world (developing) nations. These stoves are built upon the proven rocket stove principle, which combines clean burning with fuel efficiency. Here is their story, and you can see how their stove is built on their YouTube channel. Please support their humanitarian work!


Allan’s Rocket Mass Heater

A friend of mine just posted his working version of a Rocket Mass Heater on Youtube. This is a great example of a clean burning, extremely efficient heater that can be used for space heating, cooking, or heating water, or any combination of the above.


WVO Conversion Class, Oct. 2nd, Falls Village, CT

Did you know you can run your diesel on used fryer oil? Yes, that stuff the restaurants throw away is actually fuel. Want to learn how to do it? We will be giving a class on converting diesels to run this clean burning renewable fuel on Oct. 2nd at 9am, at TEVA in Falls Village , CT. It’s an all day class. The total cost is $50, and participants will be able to get hands on conversion experience. Bring a set of wrenches or socket set. We plan on having 4 different vehicles there for conversion. We will also give a quick introduction to the biodiesel processor on site. Also check out the companion manual, Sliding Home.

Pictures on our new photo album at

Please pre-register ($15) so we know how many people are coming, the other $35 is due at the door.

Drop us an email for details on the class, or for your own wvo conversion kit or biodiesel processor. Make your own fuel for your vehicle, generator, or heating oil furnace. WVO Conversions start at $850 for a passenger car and can cost as much as $2k for a large truck. Processor kits start at $375.


Cleaner Diesel Technology

Green Car Congress blogged an item about Honda’s new Cleaner Diesel Technology. Of course, the cleanest use of these engines would be running on sustainable, clean burning biodiesel, but at least one engine manufacturer is working on releasing cleaner, more efficient engines, which has increased benefits even for those of us already using a cleaner fuel.

Check out Honda’s cute musical ad, “Hate Something, Change Something, Make Something Better”, and fill your diesel up on biodiesel or waste vegetable oil.