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Building Your Own Generator and Alternative Fuels

diygenOff grid power systems commonly include a generator for backup when the sun and wind are not enough to keep your batteries charged. We have built our own inexpensive gensets using small engines (lawn mower) and car alternators. Gasoline is expensive, and refilling a generator every few hours can be dangerous and messy, along with high carbon monoxide output, so we show how to convert small engines to run on propane, methane (natural gas which includes biogas), and gasoline. Home made charge controllers and battery maintenance is also covered.

Check out the free resources at:


Solar Tools for UK Buyers

solar-pv-calculatorDo you live in the UK? Are you trying to decide if your site is appropriate for solar panels? What government incentives are there? What panel technology works best for you?

There’s a great site for prospective UK buyers of solar hot water & photo-voltaic power systems. has online tools that help answer these questions, from siting a system properly, to selecting the correct equipment, to taking advantage of tax breaks and rebates. They will even help find you an installer if you need one. Check them out!

Our mission is to bring renewable energy to more homes within the UK and to help educate consumers on exactly how affordable renewable energy can be.

With our range of free tools, our users can explore the benefits and rewards that renewable energy can bring. To get started, click one of the buttons above to discover how much you can save or even earn from solar power.

If you are visiting us from overseas, why not check out our free iPhone and iPad app that works worldwide.

For further details click here to visit the Solar Panels UK website.


Canning and Preserving

It’s almost that time of year (or already is for some folks) to get out the canner and start putting away the food for winter. If you have not tried this time honored tradition of storing food for the off season, check out these free video’s and tutorials designed to bring you up to speed, and fill your larder.

Canning Video’s and Tutorials

National Center for Home Food Preservation
USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning, 2009 revision

Full text database on canning, freezing, drying of food.

Self Guided Online Canning Class


DIY Recycled Pallet Furniture

A friend of ours in Costa Rica told us about a project she’s working on, making furniture from used pallets. An article with pictures will be coming, but it piqued our interest, and we started looking around. Well check out this article with a plethora of links to pallet furniture projects at and instructions at


New Self Sufficiency & Sustainability Resource Page

We have added a new page to our site which will aggregate feeds from a variety of sources we feel are important for you to follow. Please check it out at Suggest sites you feel we should track. This weeks podcast will be posted tomorrow when we return from our workshop we are teaching in Florence, SC today. The bread we baked last night from our freshly ground wheat turned out amazing!


Living with a Berkey Water Purifier

First of all, let me say we like our Berkey very much. We have ran a few hundred gallons of water though it, and are very impressed with it’s purification ability. With our shallow well, we were never able to drink or cook with the water before, due to high levels of fertilizer, pesticides and E. coli. Now we can safely use that water, and have eliminated the expense of bottled water, as well as the waste stream of plastic bottles. We are so happy with the unit, we have become a dealer, so check it out at


Dan Fink And Dan Bartmann: Homebrew Wind Power Book Review

Check out the review that Larry Barr, my old Energy Self Sufficiency Newsletter partner has written about their new DIY Axial Flux Wind Turbine book, Homebrew Wind Power. While you are there, check out our old back issues of ESSN as well. Lot’s of good Renewable Energy and Electricity info.

We have magnets and rectifiers for building these turbines at and discuss the alternators used in the turbines at


Flip & Chilly Pimp Mom’s Ride

Check out our friends Flip & Chilly as they “upgrade” Mom’s ride to more environment friendly technologies, and Exxpose Exxon’s new movie “Toasting the Earth“.


January 2006 ESSN, 1 year anniversary edition is up!

The January issue of ESSN is live, and it’s a good one. Go check it out. You might have time to read it before the Ball drops tonight in Times Square. It’s been a busy year for us at Green-Trust, and we were happy to share our experiences with you, and grateful for your feedback.

A friend of ours put it well:


Well here we are again — another assemblage
of 365 days draws to a close.

A year both like unto, and unlike from, those
that preceded it: times of ups and downs, highs
and lows, some sorrows and some joys. With various
‘learnings’ and changes along the way — some endured,
some dreaded, some sought and some relished.

And through it all, family and friends — some old
and perhaps some new ones — to share the joys and
laughter, and ease the burdens.

May 2006 be a time for you of more joys and growth,
of experiences and achievements to cherish, and, above
all, a year to remember fondly when the time comes
that it too passes into history and the years that
follow it then have their opportunity at imprinting
themselves on, and hopefully enriching your life.

All the very best wishes are sent that you and
your family have a marvelous, enjoyable,
and prosperous year.


See you all again in 2006, it’s been a great year, thanks for reading us.


Visiting Biodiesel Warehouse

May 27th Update! Our friend Rich Reilly and his biodiesel processors made TV news. Check out the
13.5MB RM Video from the local Fox (61) affiliate.

Yesterday we visited Biodiesel Warehouse in Sandy Hook CT. We had a nice chat with Rich, and received a demonstration of his unique collection system for collecting used oil at restaurants. No mess, no fuss, to operator or vehicle. His system consists of a dip stick with a strainer, check valve to prevent spills and enhance priming, a 24volt high volume gear pump, filter and a sealed plastic tank. Once back to the shop, hook up the intake tube from the appleseed processor pump, and pump into the processor for heating. He has all the goodies for you to build your own biodiesel fuel station, so check out his site and drop him a line.