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One Disease – Cellular Disease

The conventional medical model lists hundreds of diseases and thousands of remedies for treating these diseases or their symptoms. More than 40 percent of Americans take at least one prescription drug and one-in-six takes at least three. There are currently over 600 approved cancer drugs. This palliative approach in no time will have you take a pill for cholesterol, a beta blocker for the heart, calcium for your bones, and so forth. In most cases these remedies are prescribed for alleviating or controlling the symptom(s) as in the case of blood pressure medication, or insulin for diabetes. Meanwhile, the initial causes of the disease are rarely addressed. Often, practitioners of the alternative medicine model will do the same; enzymes for poor digestion, antioxidants for low immunity, etc. I call this approach of treating the symptom “fighting the battle, loosing the war”. What then is this war that we must win?

In a “purist” wholistic health perspective, disease (non-health) is demystified. Let’s be realistic; disease and their symptoms reside first at the cellular level. Let’s even be scientific; after all, we are made up of hundreds of trillions of living intelligent cells which in turn make up our organs, bones, tissues, blood and brain. In this model, unhealthy cells lead to unhealthy organs, unhealthy organs lead to deficient metabolic activities, and this in turn leads to symptoms, which we name disease as in hypoglycemia. It is safe to say that once you are diagnosed with a disease, that the problem is usually systemic, and bigger than just the symptoms. Usually, the causes that lead to disease have been manifest in every cell of your body for some time. We don’t catch diseases, we make them. In the wholistic view, disease is at the cellular level.