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Using a seine to catch fish

Today we transferred over 1200 fish from the outdoor ponds to the indoor winter tanks. Most were fingerlings, but some were in the 6″ to 10″ range. We used a seine to catch the fish. I’ve included a video of a seining demonstration for those who have never seen the process. I’ll try to get our own photo’s of the process shortly.


Wood Gasifiers – Hydrogen and CO from Biomass

The process of “cooking” wood to release combustible gases, including Hydrogen, Carbon Monoxide, and some Methane, is well documented. It was a common occurrence in Europe during the second war, and found applications here in the US, and other places around the world. The following is a video demonstration of such a process, and a list of resources for further study, that will enable you to build (or buy) and operate your own gasifier. You can operate a generator, vehicle, or other engine driven piece of equipment (spark ignition or diesel), and heat is a valuable byproduct. As you can see from the demonstration, once gasification starts, emissions are extremely clean.

Sawdust Gasifier