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Solar hot water, and rain water harvesting collections

We have been producing and collecting ebooks and documentation on heating water with the sun, as well as harvesting rain water. We have made these collections available as downloads, and will be adding to them as we develop them, or get permission to reproduce them. All we ask is a donation to help us continue our research. The download links are at:

and the donation link is:

More downloads are available at


The / DIY Wind Turbine

The documentation for our DIY Axial Flux Wind Turbine is finally together, and ready for dissemination. Step by step instructions on alternator and blade construction, and additional files and pictures to help you build your own small wind turbine. This design has been tested at 500+ watts, and is ideal for battery charging. Detailed construction pictures are being uploaded. This is the turbine seen in our Science Channel “Invention Nation” episode. $25 (Electronic Download)

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