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Local Food: Fresh to You, Fair to Farmers

Nothing beats locally grown food for freshness and flavor. And buying local food is a great way to strengthen our local economy by supporting our farming neighbors.

What Is Local Food?

Food that you grow yourself in a home garden or in a community garden.
Food grown or raised in your local county that you buy directly from the farmer or producer at a farm stand, farmers’ market, through a CSA, or at a U-pick farm.
Food grown or raised in your local county that you buy at a grocery store, food co-op, cafeteria, or restaurant in the county.
Food grown elsewhere in your state or nearby region.

Why Eat Local Food?

Tastes best because it’s freshest
Supports local family farms
Strengthens our local economy
Protects our land and conserves fuel

Remember, the goal is not to ban long-distance food. The goal is to restore a balance of local and long-distance food—for the health of our communities, our farms, our land, and ourselves.

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