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Free 77+ page Vermiposting Guide

Bently has released his new Vermiposting Guide, free, for subscribers of his email list. So subscribe, and avail yourself of his expertise!

Dear Worm Friends,

I am happy to report that I have the “first edition” of my Red Worm
Composting Guide to Vermicomposting all ready to go! Here are some
important things to mention before I provide the link:

1) This is VERY MUCH a work-in-progress. In fact, there are at least
two entire sections that need to be added. I would also like to add
some images before too long. It currently stands at 77 pages – so as
you can imagine it is pretty solid in terms of content even now. As
a “work-in-progress”, please forgive me for typos and general grammatical
weirdness (is “grammatical” a word?? lol) – don’t hesitate to point
any of these out either. It’s nice to have a lot of “eyes” helping me out.

2) I decided to add a “Q&A” section to help compensate for the missing
sections. I cover a wide range of topics there, and if you are fairly
new to worm composting that is probably a pretty good place to start
(well, perhaps after you read “The Basics”)

3) I consider this a foundational guide – focused on sharing my approach
to worm composting and what I consider to be the “fundamentals”. Some
may be disappointed to learn that I don’t really get into any of the
special topics like “Vermiponics”, “Winter Vermicomposting” etc. Rest
assured, I DO have plans to either create a series of special reports
and/or to incorporate those sections into the “bigger” worm composting
resource I’ve been starting to put together. I will definitely keep
everyone posted.

4) This is a special gift for my email list subscribers. Please do not
share it freely with others – yet! I will almost certainly make it more
widely available in the new year, but I want “my” people to benefit from
it first! 🙂 Should you wish to recommend it, simply point people in
the direction of the “newsletter” sign up page:

5) Speaking of which, make sure you STAY signed up for this list. I will
be notifying the list of any new updates, and this will just generally
be my main communication channel for keeping everyone up to speed on
things. I also hope to start talking about various topics covered in
the guide at some point as well (may even put together some sort of
“mini course” to make the info a bit easier to digest).

6) The guide itself will be best viewed on a computer (although a PDF
reading device may work just fine as well). Aside from being an electronic
file, it also contains a lot of links – some link to other areas in the
guide, others link to webpages. You can certainly save it to your
computer – just look for the little disk symbol up on the upper lefthand
side. You may want to reduce the viewing size when the PDF opens up.
The default seems to be super BIG for some reason. You will find “+”
and “-” symbols at the top of the page (and perhaps a box with “130%”
– what I see when I open it up). My preference is “66.7%” but that will
likely be smaller than a lot of people will want – so adjust to your
own tastes.

If you have ANY questions/comments/concerns etc, don’t hesitate to
let me know!

Red Worm Composting