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Nissan Goes Green

Nissan Puts ‘Fuel Efficiency Gauge’ In All New Models

All future new models from Nissan will be equipped with a fuel efficiency gauge to give drivers more information on how their driving style directly relates to fuel economy.

Nissan Unveils Eco-Pedal

Nissan has unveiled Eco Pedal this week. The company says the system can help drivers improve fuel efficiency by 5 to 10 percent.

Nissan Unveils Environmental Action Plan

Nissan has unveiled a new environmental action plan dubbed Nissan Green Program 2010.

Reduced emissions, electric vehicles, and more. Go Nissan, show the world what’s possible!


Wrong Gauge

The auto parts store ordered the wrong gauge. They got me a CP8205 which is the voltmeter, I need the CP8204 Ampmeter.

Arghhhh ….

I already have the CP8206 Oil Pressure gauge, but still need the CP8207 Water Temperature gauge. Now I just need some funds, LOL.