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Preparing the "Barn" for the new animals

We just got word that we have piglets arriving in April/May, and baby turkeys as well, so it’s time to get the “barn” ready. We will be using a section of our Geodesic Quonset, siding it with slabwood like we did our woodshed and generator shed, and configuring sections for the different animals. We may be adding two milking goats to our little farmstead as well.


Let it Snow!

Yesterday we took delivery of 6 facecord of firewood. Since I was out dewatering veggie oil yesterday, it didn’t get stacked indoors. Old Man Winter decided to cover it with 6″ of fluffy new white stuff. Isn’t it pretty ……..

The Veggiegen started up fine on 7F veggie today, with some help from Mr. Ether.

New Veggiegen and Geodesic Quonset pics are uploaded to the photoalbum.


Geoquon additions, Wind power pic.

More sections of the Geodesic Quonset have been put up. More will be put up today. It’s really coming along nicely. Also took a pic of the AIR 303 Wind generator.


We are much better, now

New inverter installed, pump is pumping water, and 2 more hoops installed on the Geodesic Quonset. My son Steven had a good 16th B’day party. Hopefully, the starter will be back soon. We have another Mercedes 300 TD coming for a WVO conversion, and possibly a VW Jetta. Stay tuned!


Auto Transfer Switch installed, Geodesic Quonset lumber arriving.

The first load of lumber for the Geodesic Quonset was delivered. Construction starts immediately.

The Automatic Transfer Switch for the VeggieGen was installed today. It worked flawlessly. With the generator off, the battery bank powers the house through the Cobra HighGear 2kw MSW Inverter. Since this Transfer Switch is set up for 220vac, the two hot positions for the inverter (shorepower) are jumpered to supply 120vac to both sides of the AC Panel. Do not do this if you have a 220vac breaker feeding a 220vac appliance. The VeggieGen (3 phases of 120 vac per phase) has two 120vac legs feeding the generator positions on the transfer switch. The output of the switch feeds the main breaker of the AC Panel. The wire is 10/3 with ground which handles the 30 amps per leg we can pull from the gen. 30 seconds after the Generator is started, power flow to AC panel is smoothly switched from Inverter to Generator. The Computer and Satellite Receiver don’t even see the change. You can also get more info on our PV/Wind System at our Wiki Site.

Automatic Transfer Switch – Two 50 amp hots and one 70 amp neutral switched.

2kw Inverter, 30amp charge controller, and other PV System Components

12 volt, 675 ah Battery Bank – Six 6 volt Trojan T-105

50 amp generator powered Battery Charger


Green Trust Builds a Geodesic Quonset

Next week we start our Geodesic Quonset Greenhouse. Based on the research by P.J. Hafer, and the plans at, this building will be strong, easy to build, and give a warm home for our plants, VeggieGen, and help dry our firewood. Track our progress at our wiki page.