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2006 GMC Sierra 2500HD WVO Conversion

Today we installed our custom veggie conversion in Harald B&#246ker’s 2006 GMC 2500HD. We installed our custom filter, electric fuel pump, and connected our coolant and fuel lines to the custom tank Harald had installed before he came to us. The two 3 port fuel solenoids will be here tomorrow am, and then all we have left is the wiring and line insulation. Pics are posted in our Photo Album.

Update: Thursday, Feb. 23rd. 9pm.

The conversion is finished. Took the truck out for a spin to get the air out of the cooling system. Tank and lines came up to temperature (90c), so we hit the switches. No stutter, no change in power, no indication that the fuel was now clean burning free used fryer oil, except a slight potato chip smell from the exhaust. A beautiful success. We insulated the fuel/heater hose package and the fuel filter with pipe insulation. Harald will have the tank insulated when he returns home to Ontario. More info on wvo conversions in the Fry Guys article.


2006 Duramax Veggie Conversion

We have a GMC 2500 coming this week for a veggie conversion. Today we built the heated filter for this truck. Pics can be found in the Photo Album, description of the build in our Wiki.