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The New Grit

We rediscovered an old friend. I remember reading the rural newspaper GRIT as a kid, and recently, they moved to a new format that really works. Now a glossy magazine, the articles are more relevant than ever to living a more sustainable, self sufficient rural lifestyle. With great articles on the USDA’s plan to register and tag all livestock (This is bad), to promoting the rural craftsman (This is good), to fencing in and caring for livestock (This is very good), this is a resource you won’t want to miss! Advertising? Yes. But it’s topical and contextual. Woodsplitters, small tractors, woodstoves, and generators, not cigarettes and alcohol, and the male enhancement ad is in the classifieds section in the back, thankfully (come on Grit, did you really need to allow that one?). Rediscover an old friend …..