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Conserving Water with Greywater Irrigation

We have been advocates of water conservation for many years. The usual plan is to harvest rain with your gutters and a cistern, install water saving appliances, and using your greywater for irrigation. As we install composting waterless toilets instead of flush toilets, which make up almost half the typical non-irrigating home’s water consumption, the only wastewater left is greywater, and can be used to irrigate plants. Irrigation is the number one water consuming process in many homes. Art Ludwig has written a number of books on harvesting and conserving water, and has a new DVD out on recycling your greywater for irrigation purposes. Check out the free preview at

Additional references:

The Humanure Handbook: A Guide to Composting Human Manure, Third Edition

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The New Create an Oasis with Greywater: Choosing, Building and Using Greywater Systems – Includes Branched Drains