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Weekly Podcast, Baking Bread, & Composting Toilets

We just uploaded our weekly podcast at, and I wanted to go into some details on it. Our hosts this weekend at the Florence SC Renewable Energy & Self Sufficiency workshop, Rick & Eboni, had Hard Red Winter Wheat from the LDS cannery, so we brought our Lehman’s Best Grain Mill. We were grinding flour and baking bread together (along with their friend Rusty, a NRA Pistol instructor, and his girlfriend Jill) late Saturday night, and finally were able to taste the fruits of our labors around midnight. It was worth staying up for, even though we lost an hour on the clock.

We are uploading two video’s today that have to do with composting toilets. The first is a Joe Jenkins style collection bucket toilet. We took a five gallon pail, a snap on lid and seat from Reliance Products, and a bag of peat moss from Walmart ($9). We put 3″ of peat moss in the bottom of the bucket, and add enough to cover each deposit as you use it. When the bucket is full, empty it into a compost bin (or a stack of tires) to fully compost.

The second is a commercial composting toilet from Nature’s Head. This unit does the composting inside the toilet.


Grinding wheat, Making bread

Ground hard red winter wheat tonight with our Lehman’s Best Grain Mill. Two loaves of buttermilk whole wheat bread are in the oven as we speak. Used the recipe at


Storing Food For 30 Years and PV install

Yesterday we went to a Mormon Cannery and drypacked #10 cans with various foods like Hard Red Winter Wheat, Macaroni, Dehydrated Onions and Carrots, Dried Apple Slices, Oats, Beans, and more. I had never used a machine that seals the tin lids on the #10 cans before, so that was fun. An oxygen absorber went into each can (except the sugar), and some foods have a 20 year storage (carrots and powdered milk). Others have 30+ year storage. We processed over 700 cans.,11664,7448-1,00.html

Today I’m installing a 6750 watt off grid power system. There are 30 REC 225 watt PV panels, two Outback FM-60 controllers, eight Rolls 530 ah 6v batteries (in series) and two Outback VFX3648 inverters. The panels are wired in sets of 3 in series, with 5 sets per controller. I made the battery and inverter cables from 4/0 welding cable, and the panel and controller wiring from 8g SOOW cable. Pictures to follow, so stay tuned.