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Progress at Green Trust

We have a replacement starter for the VeggieGen on its way (Thank you,, A replacement Transfer Switch, and two pickup loads of wood delivered. 5 hoops of the Geodesic Quonset have been raised, and more hoops are constructed, waiting for the weekend for raising. We hope to double the building to 10 hoops this weekend, bringing us to just over 30′ in length. Things are coming around. We had a great view of the Lunar Eclipse last night, and no view of the World Series finish. Great job Red Sox, thanks for nothing Fox (not available to us by satellite).


Geodesic Quonset Takes Shape

The first set of hoops and struts are constructed. Over the next few days, the building will be setup, the quonset being extended one hoop at a time. We will be going about 60′ long, 15′ wide, and 7.5′ high. Follow our progress with instructions and photo’s coming at our Geodesic Quonset pages.