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Battery Care Package

We have bundled our favorite temperature based battery hydrometer (no floating balls) with a bulb type refiller and our “Battery Care and Feeding” eBook as a special for our readers. With the hydrometer, you take specific gravity readings of each cell (temperature compensated) and compare them with your other cells. Not only will it tell you the state of charge, but if there is significant variation, you will be able to tell if you have a weak or bad battery. Log your results over time and you can track the health of your pack. The included bulb refiller allows you to refill your cells with distilled water without overflowing. Overflow of electrolyte (water and acid) corrodes wires and terminals, and discharges the battery by creating a circuit across the top of the battery.

Our eBook covers keeping the battery clean, proper charging techniques, watering, testing, and enhanced techniques for extending the life of your pack and it’s capacity. Basic tools are discussed as well as safety methods. $30