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A new monthly emagazine is going live this weekend. Sustainable Living – News and Projects is all about how to live a more PERSONAL sustainable life.

What is personal sustainability? Living comfortably within your means, debt free, as self sufficient and independent as possible! This is not greenie, recycling, yogurt, yoga, yurt, climate change, carbon trading mumbo jumbo (I do like yurts and home made yogurt though).

Discussions about saving money, reducing your expenses, producing your own food, energy and more are packed into every issue. Current news on food issues, energy, government policies affecting your ability to provide for yourself and your family are addressed. DIY projects that the average handy homeowner can easily duplicate, designed to reduce your expenses and utility loads. Projects like solar water heaters, aquaponics, methane digesters, composting, making biodiesel and ethanol, rain water harvesting and more. Full diagrams, explanations and parts listings. Readers can email us and questions and answers will be posted in each issue. Guest articles and reader submissions are also on tap. If you have a sustainable product you want announced, we have a new products section, and sidebar ad spots for appropriate products are available for very low fees ($10 / month). This emagazine is for, and by, folks looking for independence and a break from being tied to the system and it’s associated debts and health issues. This emagazine is $5 / month, and is loaded with quality info. You can cancel at any time, but we don’t think you’ll want to.

Discuss the magazine topics, ask questions, and submit article suggestions at


How to make biodiesel

This past weekend we had another biodiesel fuel class at TEVA. Concentrating on making biodiesel in an Appleseed biodiesel processor, it was a productive class, with about 20 attendees. It brought out some startling realities to some of the class attendees, that just because you collect 30 gallons of oil, there’s a good chance that a lot of it is unusable in the form of water and BCB’s (burnt crispy bits). We covered oil collection and filtering, titration, processing, and washing.

The biodiesel equipment was supplied by

Reading Material:

Biodiesel: Growing A New Energy Economy

How to Make Biodiesel

Biodiesel Homebrew Guide

From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank

The Biodiesel Handbook


Making Biodiesel with the Appleseed

We will be running another class on making biodiesel with a Appleseed processor. Last year we ran a class on building the Appleseed, this time it’s an operation class.

July 24th, at 9am

TEVA Learning Center, Falls Village, CT (directions)

$15 pre-registration (non-refundable, paypal to
$35 at the door (includes Girl Mark’s latest edition of the Biodiesel Homebrew Guide

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