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Jeff’s Veggie Benz

This weekend Jeff Genser brought his ’80 Mercedes Benz for a conversion to veggie oil. We started Saturday Morning, and by 4pm he was driving on liquid gold. More photo’s can be found in our photo album.

There are three tricks to converting a mercedes:

  • Change plumbing from: Tank -> Lifter Pump -> Filter -> Injector pump to Tank -> Filter -> Tank Selector Valve -> Lift pump -> Injector pump
  • Remove hollow bolt from top of filter, tap the inside, and insert a bolt (with head cut off, and slotted for screwdriver) with thread lock.
  • Cooling line hookups: Tee the hot at top right rear of engine, and the cold at lower left front of engine.

Last night we took 3 generations (the fourth is away to college still) of Spence family women out to Mother’s Day dinner.

This AM I hooked up 90 of the 180 watts of new PV to the battery bank. Weather report says a whole week of rain …..


Another VeggieBenz Conversion Finished

Kelly Boyd is on his way back to PA, with a sweet smelling, smooth running Veggie Powered Mercedes Benz 300TD. We just finished the conversion, and Kelly is very happy. More pictures and realworld results coming shortly, but the engine runs smoother and quieter, and the exhaust smells a lot better. Power has not been noticeably affected.