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Resources for Biodiesel Class at Canton Energy Fair

As we prepare our materials for the 2009 North Country Energy Fair (, I wanted to share two resources we believe will be of great help to folks getting started on their journey making Biodiesel. The first is the Biodiesel Homebrew Guide by Girl Mark (more info at ), and the second is Home Brew Biodiesel by our buddy Rick ( Both are excellent guides on making processors, making biodiesel, and cleaning it up to match standards. For info on collecting and filtering vegetable oil, and using it straight in diesel engines, get our veggie oil guide at


More info at


Chateuagay Wind Park

This weekend, we helped our daughter move back to Champlain College, in Burlington VT. It’s her Senior year. We passed the Chateaugay Wind Park that is under construction. Smaller than the Tug Hill project, but much needed and appreciated here in the North Country. They are very cool looking turbines, and I can’t wait to see them in operation.


Visit to Woodhenge

Today we visited Woodhenge in Adams Center, NY. Jim Juczak, Owner/Builder of this cordwood research and training facility was host to a North Country meeting of the off-grid minds set up by Al McMahon of Autonomous Housing. Pics of the tour can be seen at our Photo Album, and other I-81/Rt. 11 Corridor off-gridders are encouraged to contact us for upcoming meetings.