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Installing the VeggieGen’s Ammeter

The Ammeter finally arrived, and we installed it into the control panel this evening. Much of the wiring was finished, and is ready for connecting to the engine tomorrow. We got a replacement tubing kit for the oil pressure gauge, as the original ferrule that came with it was compressed enough to not allow the tube to insert properly.

The wiring for the heavy load parts of the circuit is 16/3 extension cord, all 3 conductors twisted together and crimped. That should easily handle the entire 63 amp output of the alternator for the 8′ run back to the battery. The NEG of the ammeter connects to the POS on the battery, the IGN post of the key switch connects to the starter solenoid, The Batt and #2 posts on the alternator connect to the positive of the ammeter, and #1 post of the alternator connects to the RUN post on the key switch. Fuel primer pump and gauge lights connect to separate fuses on the fuse panel (with 16 gauge single wire), as will the upcoming 800/1200 rpm switch. 800 RPM is the “idle” setting for this engine, 1200 rpm is the operating speed. More pics can be found in the photo album.


Wrong Gauge

The auto parts store ordered the wrong gauge. They got me a CP8205 which is the voltmeter, I need the CP8204 Ampmeter.

Arghhhh ….

I already have the CP8206 Oil Pressure gauge, but still need the CP8207 Water Temperature gauge. Now I just need some funds, LOL.


VeggieGen Control Panel

It’s an icy day, the kids are off from school due to bad roads, and the State Police say it’s a good day to stay off the roads. I finally got around to starting my new project, a control panel for the VeggieGen. I bought an ignition switch, am remounting my fuel selector valves, and picked up a switch for my electric priming pump. I already had an Oil Pressure gauge, but still need Ammeter, Voltmeter, and Water Temperature gauges. I’ll draw up a electrical diagram shortly, and load it into our photo album.


Oil Pressure gauges and slabwood siding

A couple of days ago we sided the woodshed at a friends with 8’+ lengths of slabwood. We have a bunch of snow and ice heading into the area and wanted to keep the firewood dry.

Yesterday I added a Oil Pressure gauge to the veggiegen. Although there is a Hobbs Oil Pressure shutdown switch, I needed a gauge to see actual pressure and oil viscosity differences. The engine starts out at 75PSI, and drops to 45 as the oil heats up. We are good. We are losing coolant and the water pump is wobbly, so I have a new project on my list.

Pics coming shortly.