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The Off Grid Generator

ef4500iseWe have had a variety of generators over the years. Like most newbies we started out with the cheap department/hardware store B&S for about $300, and when that didn’t last the winter, we upgraded. When we had fewer solar panels, we depended on the generator more, so we looked at long life diesels. We experimented with a 50 year old Detroit that was way too big for our needs (and too noisy), and needed constant attention. We had a lister for a while, but that was a assemble yourself item, and it found a deserving home at Woodhenge. for the last two years we have had a Honda EU6500, and we have been very happy with it. Now it’s time to get another, as the Honda is bigger than we need, since we are slimming down our requirements, and number in our household. Our gen of choice at this point is a trifuel (gasoline, propane, natural gas) Yamaha EF4500iSE from US Carburetion. It’s has the 30 amp 120v plug we need for the camper (the Honda maxed out at 25amps), and comes propane ready, which is important to us. low emissions, quiet, lighter weight, long life, and perfect for the mobile lifestyle we are embarking upon.