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Make Crockpot soap in 24 hours

Ever wanted to make your own soap? Thought it was too slow or complicated? Here’s a fast and easy method using a “hot process” in your typical crockpot. A cheap digital scale for about $15 and you are in business!

All-natural soap is actually surprising easy to make. 12-18 big bars of organic soap are made with ingredients that cost less then $10 .


Organic Bug Repellent

insectarmorIt’s summer time in the north country. That means skeeters the size of hummingbirds (well, almost), horse flies, black flies, and gnats. Hard to enjoy a BBQ or campfire without heavy layers of clothes, or plastering yourself with all kinds of nasty cancer causing chemicals, right? Not any more! Our favorite organic soap company, Vermont Soap Organics, has come to the rescue with “Insect Armor”, a “herbal suit of armor to help protect you from flying insects and ticks”.

From their website:

Just in time for summer activities, we are introducing our newest product – Insect Armor. Spend time enjoying yourself outside, instead of battling bugs!

100% Natural Insect Armor is like an herbal suit of armor to help protect you from flying insects and ticks. Safe and nontoxic for humans and pets of all ages, and made with organic oils.

Insect Armor does not contain DEET (N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide), or any other petroleum derived chemicals, pesticides or neurotoxins. Instead, we use essential oils and botanicals that have proven bug repellent properties!

Use liberally on clothing to create a protective barrier against biting insects. Close eyes and spray above your head. Apply to lower body. Renew as needed.

Ingredients: Insect Armor Natural Essential Oil Blend (contains Lemon Eucalyptus and other natural essential oils), Castile Liquid Soap made with Organic Oils and Rosemary Extract Preservative (approved for use with organic products)