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Tony Avent’s Plant Articles

Welcome to Tony’s Plant Articles section. Here you will find a series of in depth articles about an array of various subjects from Arisaemas to Plant Trademarks. Many of these are reprints of articles that Tony has written for publication in various venues over the years, with some written specifically for the website. These are not the typical website articles which are short and fluffy, but instead often go into great detail….you know, the stuff that everyone says is worthless on a website. We think you will find a wealth of information in these articles, and we thank the other authors that have also allowed their work to be republished here.

“Mr. Avent said he stopped using pesticides and chemical fertilizer in his outdoor gardens 20 years ago and was amazed at the improvement in his soil and plants. Conventional wisdom says that plants can’t tell the difference between a chemical fertilizer and an organic one, he noted, “but the microbes do — the fertilizer was burning up the compost.”

After he switched to organics, he said, “it took about a year before everything started jumping. Our insect problems disappeared. It was just amazing.””