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Paul Revere Radio – Your Real News Source

Paul Revere was instrumental in announcing the coming danger to our fledgling republic.

Here at Paul Revere Radio, we are dedicated to spreading the same message and alerting the public. We are in danger of loosing the Republic.

The host, Rick Johnson is a retired USAF member and a recovering public high school teacher. ”I am not going to sit on my butt and wait for the socialist to come collect their pound of flesh.”

We are again under attack.

One if by Land; Two if by Sea; Three if by Government.”

The Paul Revere Radio show broadcast from somewhere deep in North Carolina. We are proud to be a part of the Red State Talk Radio Network.


Talk to us on an internet radio call in show

I will be the guest on the Paul Revere Radio Hour tomorrow at 7pm eastern. We will be chatting about solar, wind, rain water harvesting and more. Listen, call in, or download the podcast later if you can’t make it.