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Biodiesel Processor System

We have bundled three great kits and added a scale to provide you with one click ordering of everything you need to get started.

At the heart of the Biodiesel Processor System is an Appleseed style processor kit that you can assemble onto your electric water heater. This steel processor tank will not strech and leak when loaded with hot oil like those plastic tank processors. This is a proven system used by thousands across the country to make ASTM spec biodiesel.

The system also includes a Biodiesel Wash Tank Kit for washing your biodiesel. You assemble it onto your 55 gallon poly or steel drum and have everything you need to be mist washing your fuel right away. Those plastic tank processors want you to wash in your biodiesel in the reactor vessel, preventing you from making more biodiesel while your washing.

The system comes with a Biodiesel Titration Kit that tells you exactly how much catalyst is needed for your oil.

The system comes with the My Weigh 3001P electronic scale for accurately measuring the catalyst.

The system has clear assembly instructions loaded with pictures and is easy to build with just a few tools. It has everything you need but the water heater and 55 gallon drums.

Biodiesel Processor System

See our Oil Presses in action in our photo album.


Visiting Biodiesel Warehouse

May 27th Update! Our friend Rich Reilly and his biodiesel processors made TV news. Check out the
13.5MB RM Video from the local Fox (61) affiliate.

Yesterday we visited Biodiesel Warehouse in Sandy Hook CT. We had a nice chat with Rich, and received a demonstration of his unique collection system for collecting used oil at restaurants. No mess, no fuss, to operator or vehicle. His system consists of a dip stick with a strainer, check valve to prevent spills and enhance priming, a 24volt high volume gear pump, filter and a sealed plastic tank. Once back to the shop, hook up the intake tube from the appleseed processor pump, and pump into the processor for heating. He has all the goodies for you to build your own biodiesel fuel station, so check out his site and drop him a line.