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Have Wood Will Travel – Complete Plans for the Keith Gasifier

waynekeithWayne Keith has built 5 trucks that run on wood. Each model is slightly more improved than the last. This V8 truck is the 5th generation. It has a series of vacuum gauges that provide information on performance of each part of the gasifier. This truck gets about 1 mile per pound of wood. Wayne has written his entire gasification experience into this book! Complete plans for the Keith gasifier include photos, diagrams, and detailed explanations of every step of the way.

Wayne Keith has spent a lot of time learning how woodgas works. He can answer all your questions and give detailed advice. We have a detailed video tutorial and some written material supporting it. Wayne documented his latest build in depth with video footage, and we’ve posted instructional videos from start to finish. You can follow along with Wayne, from selecting the materials all the way through firing up the truck the first time. Lots of folks have started building, some have completed trucks already. They are actively discussing their projects on the Premium-only Builders’ Discussion forum. Here you can see what folks like you have done and ask questions about the Keith gasifier. There’s also the Ask Wayne and Beta forums. Plus, all premium members get Wayne’s book FREE!


The ULTIMATE in composting has arrived!

Newest Breakthrough Technology

The new
BioPodTM Plus (video) is the latest technology to hit the home composting market. Almost a decade of R&D, combined with thorough testing on 3 different continents, has produced the next generation of bioconversion units.

Uber-Fast Composting: 24-36 hours

While many compost bins can take 6-12 months to break down their contents into usable humus, the BioPodTM Plus eliminates most of your food scraps in as little as 1-2 days using a naturally occurring, beneficial organism traditionally found in many compost and worm bins. The BioPod™ Plus optimizes the instinctual
abilities of this species, rapidly creating a live feed (for fish, chickens, and herptiles (reptiles and amphibians)) more valuable than ordinary compost.

The Future of Recycling: Prota™ Composting

This enhanced form of composting is referred to as Prota™ Composting, the method by which valuable molecules, specifically proteins and lipids, are recycled back into living feed in the form of usable biomass. The signature decomposer is Hermetia illucens (BSFL), a harmless, native arthropod that does not sting, bite or transmit disease. The juvenile form of these robust recyclers is referred to as Soldier Grubs and the device in which they reside is called a Grub Composter.

Valuable Finished Products: 5:1 Production Rate

A working BioPodTM Plus can easily handle the daily food scraps produced by a large family – up to 5 lbs/day. It even digests manure (animal and human, dump your Jenkins Toilet here). For every 100 lbs of kitchen scraps you will obtain approx. 5 lbs of friable castings (perfect feed for a worm composter), a few quarts of nutritious compost tea, and approx. 15-20 lbs of self-harvesting Soldier Grubs – which are the ultimate live food for fish, exotic pets, and poultry.

Complements Existing Compost & Worm Bins

The BioPodTM Plus is not designed for yard waste, but it will keep the critters out of your compost bin by diverting all the food scraps away from your active pile. The remaining compost mixture serves as the perfect worm bin food, allowing you to make voluminous quantities of nutritious vermi-castings faster than stand-alone redworm systems.


Divert and digest all of your food scraps from the garbage bin, insinkerator, or compost pile
Helps reduce your carbon footprint by reusing your garbage

Family-Friendly: provide your kids with an education in sustainability, science, recycling and organic gardening

Designed to be naturally seeded by female Hermetia adults present locally (or by the addition of starter grubs)


Re-capture the valuable lipids, simple sugars and proteins found in your kitchen waste back into usable food for pets, domesticated animals and wildlife

Use the rich, friable compost (grub castings) in the greenhouse, potted plants or garden

The remaining, undigested material (mostly composting plant material) serves as the ultimate worm bin food – add it to a worm bin and produce worm castings faster than normal

For harvesting smaller grubs, an electric heating pad may be utilized to encourage premature crawl off of juveniles

Beneficial soldier grubs are self-separating, auto-harvesting, robust, hardy, indigenous, easy-to-store, dry-to-the-touch in pupal stage, and a highly nutritious animal feed

Use the liquid tea as a nutritious plant fertilizer or as a means of attracting adult females to a second pod

Freeze your excess grub harvest for use in winter months

See your purchase, and checkout:

The composter below includes our DIY rainwater, solar water heating, and greywater recycling edocumentation set. Shipping is Free in the USA lower 48.

The BioPod Plus Grub Composter $169:

Soldier Grub Starter Colony

These starter kits include approximately 800-1000 live Black Soldier Fly juveniles (‘Soldier Grubs’) and are recommended for those who wish to begin their units earlier in the season or who live in regions of the country where native populations of adults may not be present. The grubs in the picture are mature individuals and indicative of what your crawl off will resemble. Younger juveniles are cream colored and noticeably smaller. These grubs are NOT sterile and are capable of reproduction.


Raising Rabbits to Survive – Discount deal

Our friend Tiffany was in a car accident. To raise funds to pay bills, she’s discounting her ebook on raising rabbits from $19.97 to $12.97

Get a good deal, and please help her out.

Dear Steve,

As you may have heard, my family and I were recently involved in a rather bad car accident. While we are all “okay” and were able to walk away from the accident, I am still feeling quite a bit of pain and discomfort thanks to a broken arm and 8 broken ribs. Let me tell you now, when I do something, I do it right and a bit over the top. Thankfully my husband and 18 month old daughter walked away without any scratches at all.

Our SUV was t-boned by another car traveling 90mph as we crossed an intersection. After flipping once or twice, there’s really not much left to salvage on a car. Naturally, our SUV was fully insured — but you just can’t begin to imagine how many people want to stick their hands in your pocket after an accident. Medical bills, insurance deductibles, co-pays and lawyers…if they can profit from it, they’ll show up at your door.

As you might imagine, these expenses were definitely not part of the family budget. And that’s exactly why I’m writing you today.

Normally I don’t like to run special promotions, especially since the second edition of Raising Rabbits to Survive (which was massively more robust and comprehensive than the first) was only launched in March.

I haven’t increased the price of the package since the launch of the first edition (even though I added an entirely new volume of over 800 breeders and almost doubled the size of the original version of Raising Rabbits to Survive) because I wanted everyone to continue to have access to this powerful content that will literally allow you to grow all the meat you need in your own back yard. But before the accident, we were in fact discussing the option of raising prices for the package.

But desperate times call for desperate measures. And for the next 3 days only, I will be offering the complete Raising Rabbits to Survive ebook package for only $12.97. That’s 35% off the current price. And, as always, all future editions of this ebook package are absolutely free – just like for the hundreds of people who received the second edition of this ebook packaged delivered to their email inbox absolutely free when I released the second editions.

You might wonder why I’m doing this now, when I’ll be losing out on a lot of money by offering this discount. But I need the cash now to get the bills paid so I’m willing to take a hit. Plus I really want you to be able to experience the freedom that comes with learning how to raise your own food and find out just how easy it is to raise meat rabbits.

The sale is over, but this is still a good deal at $19.95 …..
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This promotion won’t last – After Thursday July 1st at 6pm Eastern Standard Time prices will return to the normal level of $19.97. As I mentioned before, I really don’t like to do promotions and this situation is special – so don’t expect this offer to come back around. After all, I most certainly don’t hope to be in another car wreck – EVER.

Have a great week!