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Weekly Podcast, Baking Bread, & Composting Toilets

We just uploaded our weekly podcast at, and I wanted to go into some details on it. Our hosts this weekend at the Florence SC Renewable Energy & Self Sufficiency workshop, Rick & Eboni, had Hard Red Winter Wheat from the LDS cannery, so we brought our Lehman’s Best Grain Mill. We were grinding flour and baking bread together (along with their friend Rusty, a NRA Pistol instructor, and his girlfriend Jill) late Saturday night, and finally were able to taste the fruits of our labors around midnight. It was worth staying up for, even though we lost an hour on the clock.

We are uploading two video’s today that have to do with composting toilets. The first is a Joe Jenkins style collection bucket toilet. We took a five gallon pail, a snap on lid and seat from Reliance Products, and a bag of peat moss from Walmart ($9). We put 3″ of peat moss in the bottom of the bucket, and add enough to cover each deposit as you use it. When the bucket is full, empty it into a compost bin (or a stack of tires) to fully compost.

The second is a commercial composting toilet from Nature’s Head. This unit does the composting inside the toilet.


New podcast uploaded, and pics

A new podcast has been uploaded at, and today’s topics are Watt vs. Watt hours, Green building methods, and the last part of our non-electric laundry series, the Best Clothes Dryer. We also received a new grain mill, so pics of that and the drying rack are at

We also list ways of interacting with this website and others of similar interests. so please check it out at

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Alternative Energy and Self Sufficiency Seminar, March 14th, Florence SC

We will be giving a seminar about surviving grid outages, living off grid, and living self sufficiently on March 14th in Florence SC. Drop us a line at if you want to attend. Attendees will be given a cd with our latest ebooks. Also check out our latest podcast at


New Podcast Service

We are putting together a weekly podcast broadcast on renewable energy and self sufficiency. We will be discussing things you can do to reduce your energy consumption, produce your own energy and food, and be more self sufficient. email us at to have questions or comments aired. Listen to the episodes in the podcast list in the left column of this website.