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Earth Shelter Project Michigan, Week 2

Here is the video for the second week of construction on the Earth Shelter Project Michigan and here is what the builder Adam Bearup had to say about week two…by the time week two was filmed and we completed that week’s work, I knew that I had gotten myself into another one of those kinds of projects where you have to commit yourself 110%. At this point in the project, we were trying to beat the winter weather that was bearing down on us. We really thought that we were going to be able to shotcrete these domes by January. This weeks video shows you that the possibility of doing that was slipping through our grasp and that the crew was realizing just how large this project really was…

Earth Shelter-Week 2 from Adam Bearup on Vimeo.


Safety First!

Working with powertools makes the work go faster, and easier, but increases the possibility of injury. Whether an axe, chainsaw, or hydraulic log splitter, you need to be aware, and be safe. This was brought to Steve’s attention, painfully, when a piece of wood on the wood splitter twisted, caught his glove, and pulled it into the splitting path. He has a broken finger, an open fracture, of the distal aspect of the middle phelanges, a swollen hand, heavily bruised, and will be splinted for the next 4 weeks or so.