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Lightning Fried Inverter

Murphy says if anything can go wrong, it will. We were off to our daughter’s college graduation today (Champlain College, Burlington VT), and came home to no power. Batteries are fully charged, but the inverter is totally out. Thunder and lightning storm today apparently found a way in past the protectors. Being a Saturday, can’t get tech support working on a replacement till Monday. We can run from generator, but that would take a lot of fuel. We are moving food from the electric fridge to the two propane fridges, and changing our sleep cycles to match the sun. The well pump runs from battery, so we have water, but the propane tankless water heater uses electric ignition. We have moved out to the camper, which is self contained, and solar charged. Can’t wait to find out what the repair bill will be.

5-11-09 Update – Just got off the phone with Outback. $275 for overnight replacement of the three logic boards. This is an out of warranty replacement. Will update after installation.

5-13-09 Update – Replaced the boards, inverter ran for 30 seconds and died. Sending Inverter back to Outback. It should be back in a few weeks, and another $250, plus $120 for shipping. We are on DC now, and put the propane fridge back into play.

6-2-09 Update – Received the repaired unit back from Outback. Screwed it to the wall, connected the battery, generator, and ac panel connection. Threw the switch, and we are back up and running. Almost one month on DC was an education.