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Survival for the Medically Dependent

Power outages are bad for those with medicines that need refrigeration. An extended outage for folks with Type 1 diabetes and other conditions requires a good generator, a long term fuel source, or other option. Here is one we recommend. A Stirling powered cooler (4 amps @ 12v) can run well off 300 watts of solar (PV) and two Trojan T-105 batteries. No inverter required. Low parts count means little to breakdown, little need for service, increasing reliability, and lowering operating expenses. These units perform better, and use less power than the common Peltier thermo electric models. These are ideal for third world no-grid applications as well. A simple solar power setup to drive this is How to make your own Emergency Power System with appropriate pv and battery upgrades.


Build your own PV Panel Kit

Build a PV Panel Kit – Maybe you have read online how to build a pv panel. There are Instructable’s and Youtube video’s galore on the subject. here’s a quality kit of pv cells needed to assemble your own panel.

Now you can build your own solar panel! This kit will help you build a 60-70 watt solar panel with your own hands. This is a fantastic way to learn about solar, show off your green credentials, and power small electronics at the same time. This kit comes complete with:

* 50EA A Grade 3″x6″ Evergreen Solar Cells
* 10′ of tabbed wire for connecting the cells
* 10′ of bus wire for completing the panel connections
* 1EA Flux pen for soldering cells and wires
* 2EA 10A blocking diodes for preventing the panel from draining a battery

This kit is great when combined with our Build Your Own Solar Panel Training Series, which will teach you to actually assemble this kit into a working solar panel.